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Ceramics by David Melville at Studiopottery.co.uk

David Melville

Ceramics by Janet Halligan at Studiopottery.co.uk

Janet Halligan

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Patricia Volk in Somerset at Kobi & Teal 26th August to 6th October, 2019 Somerset Arts Weeks Festival including work from Patricia Volk
Surface by Margaret Curtis at Contemporary Ceramics Centre 22nd August to 14th September, 2019 A series of nuanced vessels emanating wabi-sabi
Ceramics in Southwell at Market Square, Southwell 25th August 2019 to 14th September, 2019 Over 30 potters, workshops for children and adults
Focus on September 2019 Ashraf and Sue Hanna at Bevere Gallery 5th - 30th September 2019 Makers Lunch - Ashraf and Sue Hanna on Saturday 7 September

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Regular Pottery Courses by Suleyman Saba - 29th January to 31st December, 2018
Students will learn about preparing clay and different techniques of ceramics from pinch pots and coiled pottery, to slab building and throwing. Students are also guided on aspects of decoration and glazing. 
Lindy Barletta weekday Courses in East Sheen - 1st January to 31st December, 2018
Studio Pottery Making techniques: A terms course covers a project in each - pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing.

Call for Artists Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem 2019 Neumünster/Germany: Deadline 29.09.2018


This event may be of interest to members. Studiopottery.co.uk has no specific knowledge of this event, but recommends that you investigate the details below before committing/applying.

Since 1987 the “Stadttöpferei” artist’s house has existed, located in Neumünster, in the north of Germany, managed by the Dr. Hans Hoch Foundation, representing a special place for contemporary ceramic art.

In recent years many artists/potters from all over the world have been invited to stay and work here.

Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem 2019 offers the opportunity for artists – who use clay as the main material of their works – to live, work and exhibit their works in residence.

At the end of the residency a final public presentation in the form of a exhibition or performance, focussing on the work produced at Stadttöpferei, is expected. The artist also donate one representative work of art. It will be part of the final exhibition at the end of the residency year and the Stadttöpferei collection.

Applications for participation can be sent by September 29, 2018 by filling out the form at the bottom of the page:




Note: The information sent in this email are related to events, competitions, courses and other ceramic exihibitions that AiCC – Buongiorno Ceramica has been informed about and considers it useful to bring to the attention of members in their database. Please be aware that such events, competitions, trainings, exhibitions, etc. are not connected, unless clearly and explicitly stated, to the AiCC – Buongiorno Ceramica.


Si segnala che AiCC metterà a disposizione dei ceramisti italiani ed in particolare delle Città della Ceramica, selezionati dagli organizzatori a partecipare al seguente evento, un piccolo contributo a supporto della partecipazione: importi e modalità sono in corso di definizione e verranno successivamente comunicati.


Dal 1987 la casa d’artista “Stadttöpferei”, con sede a Neumünster, nel nord della Germania, gestita dalla Fondazione Dr. Hans Hoch, è un luogo speciale per l’arte ceramica contemporanea.
Negli ultimi anni sono stati invitati molti artisti e ceramisti provenienti da tutto il mondo per soggiornare e lavorare in questo contesto.
Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem 2019 offre l’opportunità ad artisti, che utilizzano l’argilla come materia principale della loro opera, di vivere, lavorare e esibire le loro opere in residenza.
Al termine della residenza è prevista una presentazione pubblica finale sotto forma di mostra o performance, incentrata sul lavoro prodotto a Stadttöpferei. Alla fine della residenza, ogni artista donerà una proprià opera che andrà a far parte della mosta conclusione della residenza e della collezione Stadttöpferei.

Le domande di partecipazione si possono inviare fino al 29 settembre 2018 compilando il modulo in fondo alla pagina:

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