Welcome - This is a Social Enterprise Business It aims to help potters and ceramic artists to become better known, to sell their work, to fill their courses and to provide a window into this fantastic world of 3D art!

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Ceramics by David Melville at Studiopottery.co.uk

David Melville

Ceramics by Lesley Martin at Studiopottery.co.uk

Lesley Martin

Upcoming events

Raw with ceramics by Sarah Villeneau at Omega Studio 28th September to 28th October, 2018 PV 28th September 6 - 8-30 All welcome.
Natural Living with Ceramics from Antonia Salmon at Artichoke Gallery 6th October to 22nd December, 2018 Antonia Salmon - new work (PV: 5 October - request invite)
Regina Heinz in france at Galerie du Don 7th October to 29th November, 2018 New work from Regina Heinz
Guild Crafts Cheltenham - at Gardens Gallery 5th - 14th October 2018 exhibition of contemporary designer-makers from The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen including Emily-Kriste Wilcox.  Daily demonstrations include bookbinding and calligraphy.

Recently added Courses

Regular Pottery Courses by Suleyman Saba - 29th January to 31st December, 2018
Students will learn about preparing clay and different techniques of ceramics from pinch pots and coiled pottery, to slab building and throwing. Students are also guided on aspects of decoration and glazing. 
Lindy Barletta weekday Courses in East Sheen - 1st January to 31st December, 2018
Studio Pottery Making techniques: A terms course covers a project in each - pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing.

Ceramic Review: May/June 2014


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Latest Issue: CR267 May/June 2014

Imperfection & Balance / Akiko Hirai explains the beauty of imperfection and the Moon Jar’s influence on her work
Against the Tide / Antje Soléau draws our attention to Christiane Wilhelm’s unconventional shapes and tactile surfaces

Also in this issue:
Country Life / Ben Boswell compares the importance of place in the practices of Jim Malone and Ruthanne Tudball
Life & its End / Michael Tooby discusses Julian Stair’s touring installation, Quietus: The vessel, death and the human body
Where Are Ceramics Now? / As Ceramic Art London celebrates its tenth anniversary, Jack Doherty remembers how it all began
Anything but Sombre / Jean-Nicolas Gérard’s joyous and expressive ceramics, explored by Max Waterhouse
Taking Inspiration / Simon Hulbert, maker of functional gardenware, on his sources of inspiration
Wood Firing / Matthew Blakely shares a firing with fellow ceramist Svend Bayer
Chawan Teabowls / Lisa Hammond’s approach to making chawans
A Potter’s Day / Tiffany Scull and her love of sgraffito
Off-Centre / Gary Healey reveals what potting and pain have taught him
Next Issue – 268
Contemporary Korean Ceramics
Rafael Perez
Euan Craig

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