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Ceramics by Jane Wheeler at Studiopottery.co.uk

Jane Wheeler

Ceramics by Prue Cooper at Studiopottery.co.uk

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Emily-Kriste Wilcox in London at Contemporary Ceramics Centre 1st January to 1st April, 2018 New work from Emily-Kriste Wilcox for the show at Great Russell Street in London

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Experimental Ceramic Workshop - Claire Ireland - 18th September to 20th November, 2017
This course will explore the use of clay in an experimental way 
Slip Decorating With Richard Wilson - 23rd - 25th June 2017
Students will be throwing or press moulding forms to decorate with slips.
Celia Allen - Animal Sculpture at West Dean - 22nd - 25th September 2017
Animal Sculpture
Potters Wheel Courses and Workshops at Eastnor Pottery - 5th August to 2nd December, 2018
Escape to the country and spend a relaxing day or weekend learning how to make pottery on the potter's wheel.

Geoffrey Fuller: Three Stags’ Heads : Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival

A celebration of the Table with over 50* renowned potters, quality food producers and much more. This is the 4th year of the festival.
Held by Geoff and Pat Fuller both potters theselves. Pats driving force and organisational skills makes this a unique and successful event don’t miss it.
About Geoffrey Fuller: 
As potters we all know about fire how it transforms clay to pottery how different temperatures affect the pot and all handmade pots are individual just as us their makers. Each one of us that are potters also has a fire inside of us sparked off by something we have seen or captured from another individual who may or may not be a potter. Maybe as in my case an individual who has a special fire that burns so bright that it consumes all around who have an interest in pottery.
I met Geoff Fuller back in 1977 at an adult education evening class he ran within two terms I had I had given up a well paid job that I actually enjoyed signed up to a vocational pottery course at my local Art College where Geoff was a lecturer. On leaving college and until reaching retirement age 65 I spent that time as a full time potter and have for the last 6 years been making and doing what I want. I have stayed in touch  all those years and I know how many potters some who are recognised names now who have also been directly influenced by him. Their students also have carried that flame and so it goes on fire after fire. I can see his influence everywhere.  Although now in his 80th year he still active and influential as ever.
He and his wife Pat run and hold what I consider the very best of shows Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival the only way I can describe it that it is the Glastonbury of Pottery Festivals  attracting potters such as Lisa Hammond, Ruthanne Tudbull, Doug Fitch, Hannah McAndrew, Paul Young, Josie Walter I could just go on and on. Only a few individuals have this effect Geoff should be much more recognised. I am so glad I was able to get warm near the fire - Jim Simpson.
The potters taking part in the Pottery and Food Festival:

John AYLING, Steve BOOTON, Margaret BRAMPTON, Wayne CLARK, Victoria DAWES, Fleen DORAN, Darren ELLIS, Kim FORD,

Jennie GILBERT, Jennifer HALL, Richard HEELEY (richardheeley@blueyonder.co.uk), Tim HURN, Arwyn JONES, Claire LAKE (Glass),

Tim LAKE (timlakeceramics@hotmail.com), Michelle LOWE (info@michellelowepottery.co.uk), Janine MANNION-JONES, Andy MASON, John MASTERTON, Isabel MERRICK, Alleyne PARRY, Andrew PENTLAND, Paul REID, Paul SAMSON (Pot Easel Co.), Alex SHIMWELL, Jim SIMPSON,

Penny SIMPSON, Armin SKIRDE (arminskirde@freenet.de), Keith SMITH (keith3sheds@hotmail.com), Peter SMITH, Ros SMITH, Charlotte STORRS (pots@charlottestorrs-stoneware.co.uk), Keith TYSSEN (Pewter & Silver), Josie WALTER, Sarah WALTON (smwalton@btconnect.com),

Richard WILSON (rwilsoncyp@gmail.com), Catherine WINFREY, Penny WITHERS, Paul YOUNG, Tilly YOUNG, Geoffrey Fuller, Pat Fuller, Simon Hulbert (Into the Garden), Paul Jessop, David Melville (Into the Garden), Helen Pollitt, Tina Sanderson, Micki Schloessingk, Anna Simmons

  • Venue: Three Stags’ Heads
  • Address: Three Stags’ Heads, Wardlow Mires, Derbyshire, England, SK17 8RW.
  • Telephone: +44 01298 872268
  • Web-site: www.potsandfood.co.uk
  • Open:
    Sat- 10am to 5pm
    Sun-10am to 4pm
  • Dates: 10 Sep 2016 to: 11 Sep 2016

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Posted on May 7 2016 under Event Previews, News for Makers.