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Ceramics by Janet Halligan at Studiopottery.co.uk

Janet Halligan

Ceramics by Brian Holland at Studiopottery.co.uk

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Potfest in the Park 2018 at Potfest in the Park 27th - 29th July 2018 Over 100 exhibitors invited from all over Europe and beyond....all with very distinctive individual styles ....all passionate about working with clay. 
HARLEQUIN GALLERY SUMMER EXHIBITION 2018 at Harlequin Gallery 27th - 29th July 2018 Up to John's usual high standard. worth a visit. Contact John for address.
Oldenburg - 36th International Ceramics Fair at Oldenburg International Ceramic Fair 4th - 5th August 2018 A fair, plus much more! At the fair 124 selected potters, ceramists, designers and artists from across Europe and Japan offer their top products.
Linear Patterns - Katharina Klug at Arundel Contemporary 18th August to 2nd September, 2018 New work

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Regular Pottery Courses by Suleyman Saba - 29th January to 31st December, 2018
Students will learn about preparing clay and different techniques of ceramics from pinch pots and coiled pottery, to slab building and throwing. Students are also guided on aspects of decoration and glazing. 
Lindy Barletta weekday Courses in East Sheen - 1st January to 31st December, 2018
Studio Pottery Making techniques: A terms course covers a project in each - pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing.

Post-war Hungarian Ceramics: 2 May to 20 Jun 2015


Post-war Hungarian Ceramics from the Graham Cooley Collection. The exhibition, a world first in this area will feature over 400 objects from the Graham Cooley Collection.

Design behind the Iron Curtain is a fascinating area of research. From 1945 to 1990 many great artists developed their work in isolation from the West. Interestingly, this also meant isolation from what we might call ‘accepted history’, because most of these great practitioners have not recently been written about or exhibited.
Rediscovery and reassessment is an essential part of progress in historical analysis. It is also the most enjoyable part of piecing together information about a new collection of historical objects.
The parallels between Hungarian Ceramics and Czech glass are very strong. Exporting from the Comecon* countries was highly co-ordinated and controlled. Designer glass came from Czechoslovakia and designer ceramics from Hungary. There were accepted artists who could sell their work through the Arts and Crafts Company “Iparművészeti Vállalat” or the state organised “Artex”, and those promoted by the State were prolific in their time. The names of most of these artists have disappeared over time, so I hope that this exhibition will bring their work the exposure that it deserves.
The exhibition, a world first in this area will feature over 400 objects from the Graham Cooley Collection.  Gorka Geza (the great establishment figure) and Gorka Livia (his rebellious daughter; excluded from the academy) will be in the Fermoy Gallery. The main exhibition will be the Shakespeare Barn and period literature will be in the Red Barn. The exhibition catalogue published by King’s Lynn Arts Centre with text commissioned by Peter Langh of the 567 gallery in Budapest will be the first publication on the subject in English.
This marks the 5th fruitful collaboration between the collector and King’s Lynn Arts Centre and the exhibition promises to be both captivating and informative.
The main exhibition features the work of the following notable ceramic artists:
Gádor István; Gorka Géza; Kovács Margit; Gorka Lívia; Garányi József; Török János; Garányiné Staindl Katalin; Illés Sándor; Benkő Ilona; Janáky Viktor; Csekovszky Árpád; Bod Éva; Várdeák Ildikó; Hadamcsik Mária; Papp János; Pál Ferenc; Ferenczy Kati; Eschenbach Jenő
  • Venue: Kings Lynn Arts Centre
  • Address: 29 King Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, PE30 1HA.
  • Telephone: +44 (0)1553 779095
  • Open:
  • Dates: 02 May 2015 to: 20 Jun 2015

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