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Ceramics by Patricia Shone at Studiopottery.co.uk

Patricia Shone

Ceramics by David Melville at Studiopottery.co.uk

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Gabriele Koch - new work at Open Studio at Studio 147 1st - 3rd December 2017 Open studio for Gabriele Koch. PV: Thursday 1 December 6.00pm to 8.30pm
Open Studio - Sue Mundy at Milking Machine, The 1st - 3rd December 2017 See Sue Mundy in her studio and view new work
Kate Malone, Open Studio at Balls Pond Studio 2nd - 3rd December 2017 Kate Malones' Christmas open Studio. Don't miss it if you can get there!
Sussex Guild - with ceramics (Midhurst) at Midhurst Rother College 2nd - 3rd December 2017 mixed show with ceramics from Tessa Wolfe-Murray includes her new  'Seagrass' elliptical vases

Recently added Courses

Slip Decorating With Richard Wilson - 23rd - 25th June 2017
Students will be throwing or press moulding forms to decorate with slips.
Celia Allen - Animal Sculpture at West Dean - 22nd - 25th September 2017
Animal Sculpture
Adult Summer Pottery Course with Mohamed Hamid - 28th August to 1st September, 2017
Hand building, throwing and decorating techniques! (previous week Fully booked!)
Residential Pottery Courses in France with Sylph Baier - 14th May to 14th October, 2017
It is mainly throwing based and would suit students with some throwing experience but other techniques can also be covered as well as glazing and firing in electric and gas reduction kiln

Robin Welch – 65 Years in the Making


Exhibition Preview: Wednesday 1st November, 6.00 to 8.00pm; When looking back over his 65 years as a potter, it’s difficult for Robin to pinpoint the exact inspiration behind his latest series of work. He gives a very typical Robin Welch answer: “A bit of this, a bit of that”.  His modest response glosses over the fact that despite being one of the UK’s most highly respected contemporary potters, he is still able to surprise.  Robin’s abstract visual style remains continually experimental and highly individual, and his enduring skill as a painter can be seen clearly in the surface texture, colour and line of pieces that reflect the intense hues of a Rothko.

The sheer physicality of the job – throwing the clay and building the slabs – has become more difficult over the last seven decades, but that has not impacted the quantity and quality of Robin’s output. At 81 years old, he still walks over to his studio every morning and puts in an eight hour shift. What urges him on is the idea of the untried: the inexhaustible, yet to be explored combinations of shape, colour and texture that are possible with clay and slip. He strives to make his constantly-evolving work experimental and bold, always hoping to provoke a strong emotion in the viewer.
“This year marks my 65th year as an active artist, so it seems necessary that this exhibition should include a whole variety of my ceramic styles. I have absorbed a wide range of influences over the years, from the Australian landscape for colour and texture, to totally abstract creations relating to artists such as Rothko, Klein, Motherwell, and the Cornish painters. During my domestic ware period, I looked to the Arabia Pottery (in Finland) and the techniques of jigger and jolly . I thank the CPA for the honorary fellow membership they’ve awarded me, and hope all will enjoy my work”

The exhibition will include approximately 30 small pieces and 15 larger ones. Five or six very large pieces are drawn from his archive of work covering the last couple of decades, and are of a size rarely seen at Robin’s exhibitions


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