Welcome - This is a Social Enterprise Business It aims to help potters and ceramic artists to become better known, to sell their work, to fill their courses and to provide a window into this fantastic world of 3D art!

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Ceramics by Laura De Benedetti at Studiopottery.co.uk

Laura De Benedetti

Ceramics by Kochevet Bendavid at Studiopottery.co.uk

Kochevet Bendavid

Upcoming events

Midlands Potters Association demonstration by Sue Dyer at Bannersgate Community Hall 29th October 2017 Demonstration of porcelain slip inlay work and talk by Sue Dyer.
Windsor Contemporary Art Fair at Royal Windsor Racecourse 10th - 12th November 2017 This year Windsor Contemporary Art Fair is 13 years old. Meet artists and galleries from all over the UK and much further afield. 
Myra Wishart at Sevenoaks at Sevenoaks School 27th - 29th October 2017 Myra Wishart will be exhibiting both ceramics and glass this year all with an African theme.
Celia Allen at Biscuit Factory, The 15th - 30th November 2017 Celia allen - new sculpture - must check exact dates

Recently added Courses

Residential Pottery Courses in France with Sylph Baier - 14th May to 14th October, 2017
It is mainly throwing based and would suit students with some throwing experience but other techniques can also be covered as well as glazing and firing in electric and gas reduction kiln
Slip Decorating With Richard Wilson - 23rd - 25th June 2017
Students will be throwing or press moulding forms to decorate with slips.
Potters Wheel Courses and Workshops at Eastnor Pottery - 5th August to 2nd December, 2018
Escape to the country and spend a relaxing day or weekend learning how to make pottery on the potter's wheel.
Hand Building & Smoke Firing Course at the Moulin with Frances Marr - 11th - 17th June 2017
Over the the course of the week we will explore smoke-firing techniques resulting from the interaction of clay and fire. 

Meer Kunst Van Het Decoreren (The art of Ceramic Decoration: Artists Share their Secrets)


The Art of Ceramic Decoration: Artists Share their Secrets has been a very successful book. As of today, it is available as a digital book (English / Dutch). The countless possibilities that digital books offer are incorporated in this digital versionl: internal linking from the table of contents and the index as well as links from all chapters to internet sites that provide more information on the current chapter.

Find ceramists from the Netherlands and Belgium as well as selected ceramists from all over the world and get to know their work and working methods. Find information on ceramic techniques, videos, texts and links or on where materials can be bought or what glaze software exists.

Clare Conrad and Emily-Kriste Wilcox have a section in the second book, Peter Beard is in the first book – with a video, David Binns, Claude Champy, Claudi Casanovas, Regina Heinz, Kim Holm, Michael Kay, Martin McWilliam, Ruthanne Tudball, Ashraf Hanna, Monika Debus, along with Rachel Wood - not to mention Grayson Perry, Richard Slee, Roland Summer, Mary Rogers, Edmund de Waal, Julian Stair and many other ‘greats’ from Europe and around  the World. Full list here.

From my brief look there are loads of images – you click through to pinterest – and a paragraph or two about each maker and quite a few video clips by makers featured. Theres lots to see on the website and sections on Techniques and Materials, lists of artists (link above) with links to their own websites. You can of course purchase the books – The second edition, which includes Clare Conrad – just out (end September 2014) is not yet in English, but the earlier one is in English and Dutch. I haven’t seen the books and its a bit unclear as to who is in the books or if some artists are just on the website. (written by Mels Boom)

The website is definitely worth a browse tho…. inspirations.ceramic.nl/index.html

KLEI-deco2-cover-defblog ccblog p225blog

The cover of the New Book, plus images from Clare Conrad and Emily-Kriste Wilcox whose work is featured in the new book.


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