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Cumbrian Ceramics at UpFront Gallery 18th November to 10th January, 2018 Major exhibition featuring almost all the potters working in Cumbria today.
Myra Wishart at Sevenoaks at Sevenoaks School 27th - 29th October 2017 Myra Wishart will be exhibiting both ceramics and glass this year all with an African theme.
Open weekend - David Melville at Open Studio, David Melville 11th - 12th November 2017 A chance to meet the potter and see where he works and buy pots direct. 
Shades of Clay at Kunsthius Gallery 3rd November to 24th December, 2017 New work from Janet Halligan

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Potters Wheel Courses and Workshops at Eastnor Pottery - 5th August to 2nd December, 2018
Escape to the country and spend a relaxing day or weekend learning how to make pottery on the potter's wheel.
Animal Sculpting With Celia Allen - 8th - 10th September 2017
Learn how to sculpt animals of various forms, with a possible Raku firing day to finish
Adult Summer Pottery Course with Mohamed Hamid - 28th August to 1st September, 2017
Hand building, throwing and decorating techniques! (previous week Fully booked!)
Classes in Portugal - Catherine Portal - 18th - 22nd September 2017
A 5 day intensive workshop: 5 days of  'potting' with no interruptions where each one can explore their creativity through hand-building, sculpting or wheelwork and then relax round the garden table over a home-cooked lunch enjoying conversations with fellow potters.

Obituary: Jean Lowe 1926-2015

Pam Dodds has just told me that her great friend and fellow potter, Jean Lowe has just died (Friday 28 August 2015). I only know her by reputation but I know she will be sorely missed by not only her family, but by many many friends. Pam has written:

Jean Lowe, died on Friday 28th August 2015.

Jean, whose husband Anthony predeceased her, leaves four children and ten grandchildren. She also leaves many friends.

Jean took up ceramics in her sixties, for some years she had a workbench at Kate Malone’s Balls Pond Studios in Hackney, while also having her own studio at her home in Lower Halstow, Kent.

It was here, at the Old Reed Bed Studio that I and my fellow graduate Louise Bassant first knew Jean, and without her I doubt whether I would be making now. Facilities for potting in that part of Kent at that time were few and far between. Jean had a spare wheel she didn’t use for her own work (lucky me) and a kiln and space that we badly needed at a very reasonable rent. We all hit it off straight away. Getting to know Jean we realised what a great friend and role model she was and how lucky we were.

From 2002 to 2011 the Old Reed Bed Studios held Open studio’s showing not only the studio artists work but also hosting many invited artists, who exhibited their ceramics, paintings, jewellery, and textiles. These were wonderful occasions, the standard was good and people enjoyed them. Jean’s work was inspired by the surroundings of her home on the estuary, the rocks and shells she found there in particular. She coiled and handbuilt her rock pool forms and oyster shells as well as her larger standing forms.

Following her recent move to Bath and until she became too unwell Jean could be found working at the Bath Artist’s Studios.

Farewell Jean, I don’t want to get too sentimental but you will be greatly missed . Pam Dodds


A poem written by the poet Katherine May, inspired by Jean pots and to accompany our joint show Ways of Seeing (2005)


Clay remembers:

it encodes the most careful of joins

that the kiln finds,

and splits apart,

just as

the tide remembers the curve of the shore

and the cut of the boat’s prow

exactly, each time it returns;


the shore remembers the footprints of children

as it seeps to fill the voids

of arch, heel, sole and toe;


shells remember the sound of the sea,

even inland, and flint remembers

each knap and blow in white scars

on its black obsidian;


the frost remembers unimagined patterns in the stones,

and the stones remember the human form

somehow, by accident, after they’re fired,

so that they crowd us like ghosts:

a watchful ancestry.

© Katherine May 2005

Posted on September 1 2015 under News about Makers, News for Makers.