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Art in the Pens 2018 - Skipton at Art in the Pen (Skipton) 11th - 12th August 2018 Wide range of work with ceramics by Alvin Irving and others
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Regular Pottery Courses by Suleyman Saba - 29th January to 31st December, 2018
Students will learn about preparing clay and different techniques of ceramics from pinch pots and coiled pottery, to slab building and throwing. Students are also guided on aspects of decoration and glazing. 
Lindy Barletta weekday Courses in East Sheen - 1st January to 31st December, 2018
Studio Pottery Making techniques: A terms course covers a project in each - pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing.

Indian Inspirations Pollie and Garry Uttley 20.06 – 27.07.2014


New exhibition at Rufford Craft Centre Gallery, richly decorated wall panels and more…inspired by their frequent visits to India

Pollie and Garry Uttley first visited India in 1995 and returned for their second visit only three months later. This was to provide the inspiration for their richly decorated wall panels and platters. Their almost annual visits have reinforced this stimulus and in 2013/14 they spent a month in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the heart of India. The tribal markets and the superb tribal museum in Bhopal have been the source of new work, drawing on their background as painters.
They use a white earthenware body and a wide variety of techniques to produce surface decoration which includes impressing and applying, printing and painting, folding and stitching and an extensive use of lustres to capture the richness of fabrics and colours of India. It is the use of pattern and decoration that is of more interest than form in their work.

The exhibition brings together their inspiration and their response to it – a celebration of their Indian experience!



Surajkund Mela wall panel, 50cm x 50cm.                                                      Warli wall panel 50cm x 50cm.


I visited this exhibition last weekend and it is truly superb. the quality is, as one would expect from Pollie and Garry quite exceptional and for anyone who can get to Rufford it is well worth the visit as one section unfolds into another even more delightful.

Posted on June 28 2014 under Event Previews, News.