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Ceramics by Charlotte Storrs at Studiopottery.co.uk

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Ceramics by Patricia Shone at Studiopottery.co.uk

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Upcoming events

Gareth Edwards RWA with ceramics by Gabriele Koch: After the Rain at David Simon Contemporary 3rd - 27th November 2017 New work by Gabriele Koch
Cumbrian Ceramics at UpFront Gallery 18th November to 10th January, 2018 Major exhibition featuring almost all the potters working in Cumbria today.
Celia Allen at Biscuit Factory, The 15th - 30th November 2017 Celia allen - new sculpture - must check exact dates
Art in Clay at Farnham 2017 at Art in Clay - Farnham 18th - 19th November 2017 The 21th Art in Clay Farnham takes place in November. There will be a range of work from newly qualified artists working in clay to potters with many years of creative work behind them.

Recently added Courses

Animal Sculpting With Celia Allen - 8th - 10th September 2017
Learn how to sculpt animals of various forms, with a possible Raku firing day to finish
CHILDREN'S SUMMER POTTERY WEEK in East Sussex - 7th - 10th August 2017
Have fun and get messy discovering a variety of hand building, throwing and decorating techniques!
Hand Building & Smoke Firing Course at the Moulin with Frances Marr - 11th - 17th June 2017
Over the the course of the week we will explore smoke-firing techniques resulting from the interaction of clay and fire. 
Residential Pottery Courses in France with Sylph Baier - 14th May to 14th October, 2017
It is mainly throwing based and would suit students with some throwing experience but other techniques can also be covered as well as glazing and firing in electric and gas reduction kiln

Stop the closure of City and Islington College’s Ceramics Department


Rachel King has set up a petition on change.org to raise a challenge to the proposed closure of yet another ceramics courseIf you in any way value the craft and art of ceramics and believe in its future you should sign this petition, as I representing studiopottery.co.uk have already done. I set out below the Statement Rachel has posed, and comments from Grayson Perry supporting the petition. Please sign it!

City and Islington College proposes to close its thriving Ceramics Department in March 2015 with the loss of all jobs.  We call on the College governors and management to halt this closure, and the rush in which it is being pursued, and consider alternative ways forward.

Grayson Perry says: ‘I am appalled that a popular and beneficial course should be considered for closure just because it does not fit neatly into an instrumentalist idea of education’.

This much-cherished centre of excellence runs courses for a huge diversity of people from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from those with learning disabilities right through to advanced-level practitioners. Students on vocational City & Guilds qualification courses, preparing for a career in ceramics or the creative industries, consistently achieve success rates of over 90%. The teaching is judged to be outstanding. The studio is frequently described as one of the best in London. Evening and qualification classes are full with waiting lists.

Students repeatedly report how much lessons are integral to their health and well-being, and how attending classes has eased their need to use social services and the NHS. Many find their passion and move into self-employment as ceramic makers. Others use the workshops as part of their professional development as artists. The majority of courses and all workshops are paid for by the learners themselves.

Nevertheless, College management argues that the number of students who re-enrol for classes in successive years suggests that those attending are ‘unlikely to be progressing’ and that this is consequently out-of-step with the College’s vision. It proposes to use the space for holding exams and running courses, yet to be determined, that attract short-term funding.

We call on the College governors and management to halt this closure immediately and investigate alternatives.



Posted on February 2 2015 under News, News about Makers, News for Makers, Pottery and Ceramic Course News.