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  • Address: Mill Studio, Stowford Manor Farm, Wingfield, Nr. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, BA14 9LH.
  • Telephone: +44 (0)1225 868756
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  • Dates: 15 Oct 2012 to: 20 Oct 2012

A five and a half day course is offered which  combines an introduction to general  model and mould making techniques for those requiring basic plaster skills, as well as the possibility of pursuing a specific project or idea for those who already possess a certain knowledge in this field.

Course Details

This year the course is being held in a working studio and is limited to 4 students maximum to allow for personal tuition.

During the course you will be introduced to:
*  MODEL MAKING using machine and hand techniques i.e. plaster lathe and whirler turning, hand carving, profiling, flat plaster work etc.
*  MOULD MAKING which covers ‘drop-out' or simple piece moulds including spares and ‘setter' making ( a supplementary piece used for minimising rim distortion during drying and firing.)
There can be the opportunity to make a more complex or multi-part mould if desired.
*  SLIPCASTING in bone china including finishing techniques.
(NB  It is not possible to make a cast from the moulds produced during the course as they will not be dry enough, however, casting experiments will be done into ready-made moulds ready for firing.)
*  PACKING AND FIRING an electric kiln for bone china (1260 c)
PRICE : £ 395  (to include tuition, materials, firings, lunches and drinks.)
Contact sasha Wardell for for details and to book (Courses are filled very quickly, so book early)