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La Meridiana - 33 Connections: Form Glaze - Firing John Colbeck - August 03, 2014 to August 16, 2014
A two weeks training with an exceptional potter and educator of profound knowledge and humanity. Throwing. Beginners and advanced
Mark Griffiths - Courses 2014 - Thrown and Altered Pots - July 11, 2014 to July 13, 2014
This course is designed for those wishing to improve their skills in finishing T-pots, square bottles and dishes and any complex joining-up skills you wish to master.
4-day 'Clay Brainstorming' - Throwing Improvers - tutors Jeremy Steward and Sandy Lockwood - August 07, 2014 to August 10, 2014
This course seeks to provide ideas for risk taking and creating new outcomes, which may then become individual to you, to perhaps help you develop unexpected ways of seeing and making