Rugby Art Gallery & Museum : Made in the Middle (part 5)

touring show.

Contemporary craft from across the Midlands - A partnership between Craftspace and the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry. - Celebrating 30 years of Craftspace.

Made in the Middle is an important touring exhibition which showcases and sells some of the best contemporary craft and applied art from across the Midlands.

The current exhibition is the eighth in the ongoing series which has been developed over the last thirty years.

It promotes the best of recent craft from makers with a regional connection and  is popular with audiences, galleries and collectors. Besides achieving an excellent level of sales, many makers gain from further commissions and exhibiting opportunities.

Aimee Bollu, Aneta Brudkowska, Anna Lorenz, Chloe Smith
Clare Pentlow, Davit Alexander, Emily-Kriste Wilcox, Hayley Beckley, Interlace, Jane Littlefield, John Grayson, Karina Thompson, Kate Mead, Kay Williamson, Libby Ward, Melanie Tomlinson, Michala Gyetvai, Milena Vizuete-Courtes, Rachel Butlin, Rachel Carter, Robyn Smith, Sally Collins, Sandra Owens, Sue Dyer, Theo Wright, Tim Boswell, Vicky Shaw, Zoe Hillyard, Zoe Robertson

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)