Studio Eleven : Re: Defined at Eleven

This exhibition showcases five professional artists on their creative journey.

Those showing are:
Adele Howitt
Anna Kirk-Smith
Saffron Waghorn
Sarah Daniels
Sue Kershaw

Curated by Saffron Waghorn,  the exhibition is set up to encourage the artists to move out of their comfort zone, to challenge the disciplines that have categorised them for many years.

‘ As creatives, our role in society is to observe, comment, and question the world around us using and manifesting those observations into many different art forms.'

Diverse, exciting and thought provoking, the art created by these artists, pushes the boundaries of conformity and enables powerful yet necessary change.

‘ We all like things put away in neat boxes, with specific labels, so we can understand, but life is not like that. Nature itself can be haphazard and unruly, on the other hand there is total mathematical precision in many forms, including our own DNA.'   - Saffron Waghorn

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)