Contemporary Ceramics Centre : Porcelain 3

  •  Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

    Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

  •  Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

    Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

  •  Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

    Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

  •  Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

    Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

  •  Marcus O

    Marcus O'Mahony (Exhibition: 03-26.09.2015)

  •  Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

    Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

  •  Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

    Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

New generation porcelain from three distinct makers, including Selected Member Katharina Klug. Preview: Wednesday 14th February, 6.00 to 8.00pm

Porcelain traditionally conjures images of delicacy and fragility.  This month we showcase the work of three exciting contemporary ceramicists who are shifting the perception of this most mysterious of clays towards unexpected figurative elements, humorous quirks, bold colours and rhythmic abstract patterns. 

Inspired by the elemental colour, simplicity and form of Korean pottery, as well as the lines and textures in her immediate environment, Katharina Klug aims to create timeless vessels for the contemporary interior.  

She uses simple hand-drawn graphic patterns inspired by the everyday world - stripes on cloth, telephone lines, plants and grasses, local architecture - that give her pieces a sense of spontaneity, movement and direction. Wax pastels are used to produce a simple yet effective resist technique, leaving a pattern of broken textured lines under her signature dark matt glaze.  Her latest work will include new pieces with under decoration, patterned bases, and layers of texture, using a limited colour palette of white, black and glossy red.  
"The imperfection of the patterns make the vessels lively, rough and immediate, still holding enough direction to bind them together"
Two new ranges - "With a Viewpoint" and "Mirrorball" - encourage the viewer to look into and through the pieces, to discover strikingly decorated interiors. She will also be including more pieces from her collectable "Friends" group of tactile vases.

Katharina trained professionally in Austria and Germany, and set up her business in Cambridge in 2011. In 2014 she was chosen to participate in the Crafts Councils "Hot House" program and has since been selected as a member of the Craft Potters Association.

Also showing are the excellent makers : Jo Davies and Anja Lubach

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)