Contemporary Ceramics Centre : Tidal Echo - Bev Bell Hughes

  •  Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

    Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

  •  Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

    Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

  •  Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

    Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

  •  Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

    Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

  •  Marcus O

    Marcus O'Mahony (Exhibition: 03-26.09.2015)

  •  Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

    Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

  •  Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

    Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

Working from her secluded garden studio in North Wales, Bev Bell Hughes' work is informed by the coastline and landscape of her home in Conwy Bay. An area of beach known as ‘Y Morfa', this salt marsh is a favourite paddling and walking place amongst locals, and plays an integral part in the development of Bev's work. 
In the artist's words, the relationship between sea and sand offers her ‘different patterns each day', from the ripples of waves on the sand to the stranded pieces of driftwood and plant life, to the sunlight catching the water. Ceramic Review's co-founding editor Emmanuel Cooper wrote in 1997 that:
‘Her forms are pushed and pulled, squeezed and eased into shapes reminiscent of natural objects and patterns, be they shells, seaweed, stones or the ripples left by the receding tide on a sandy beach'