October Gallery : Sophie Favre in conversation with André Hess

Contemporary Ceramics Centre are honoured to announce the opening of a completely new family of characters from French artist Sophie Favre.  
To recognise the occasion we will also be hosting an artists talk at The October Gallery on Thursday 20th September, 2018, 7pm

Artists Talk
Sophie Favre in conversation with André Hess
Thursday 20th September 7-8pm.

This promises to be a very entertaining and enjoyable conversation between two inspiring people, leaving you with a unique insight into Sophie's process, work and inspiration.

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An energetic night of conversation and art, where French artist Sophie Favre will discuss her work with collector and writer, Dr André Hess.

Sophie Favre
Leaving a previous life as a graphic designer behind, artist Sophie Favre now works at her studio in Draveil, 20 km from Paris. Her figurative sculptures are translations of human emotions; our doubts, our state of being. The emotive characters find inspiration from Flemish Masters, comic books and personal acquaintances, but for all their fantastical imagery, they speak of the ordinary lives and ordinary feelings of the human condition. Inhabiting both poignancy and a sense of humour, the faces and gestures of Sophie's characters express everything that it means to be human, inclusive of all its fragilities and illusions. 

André Hess
Dr André Hess is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association and has degrees in Art History, Vetinary Medicine and Public Health. As well as being a regular contributor to Ceramic Review, he is also a collector of fine art and ceramics.

His most recent article for the magazine is an in depth look at Sophie Favre's practice, featured in the September/October issue.