Contemporary Ceramics Centre : Inner Order by Rebecca Appleby

  •  Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

    Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

  •  Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

    Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

  •  Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

    Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

  •  Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

    Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

  •  Marcus O

    Marcus O'Mahony (Exhibition: 03-26.09.2015)

  •  Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

    Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

  •  Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

    Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

See Rebecca Appleby's thought-provoking first solo show at the gallery.

Titled Inner Order, referring to the way crystals are formed in nature, the exhibition presents a new collection of the Yorkshire maker's abstract clay sculptures.

These gutsy creations explore the relationship between the urban and the organic - a central theme throughout Rebecca's 20-year career. A risk-taking maker whose work evolves quickly, she explores larger, more minimal works through the series, introducing the use of strong flat colours, geometric carvings and metal frames.

‘They are quite raw and bare, but also quite strong at the same time,' says the ceramic artist, who created the works after a hiatus from making following a challenging personal season.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)
  • Rebecca Appleby