Goudse Keramiekdagen : Gouda Ceramic Fair (Goudse Keramiek Dagen)

The Gouda Ceramics Days are an annual two-day event of ceramists from home and abroad. They are held every year on Ascension Day and the following day. Usually attended by some 110 selected clay artists

Largest ceramics market in Western part of the Netherlands

The Gouda Ceramics Festival is a yearly two-day event of ceramists from the Netherlands and several other countries. The festival takes place every year on Ascension Day and the day after. Usually, some 125 artists take part in this event, after being screened and admitted by an expert selection committee. They exhibit and sell their work on the market in the centre of Gouda, all around the charming medieval City Hall building. Simultaneously, there is a special exhibition in the City Hall of ceramic objects, submitted by participants, as part of a contest.

You are probably familiar with the fact that Gouda has a long history of pottery industry. Nowadays this industry does not exist anymore. Essentially, this Ceramics Festival is a follow-up of this ancient traditional Gouda pottery industry.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)