Navy Pier Festival Hall : SOFA Chicago

Opening Night Preview on 6 November - celebrating SOFA CHICAGO's 21 years. last year 34,000 visitors 

SOFA CHICAGO 2014 has once again attracted a roster of some of the world's finest galleries, who will feature works by emerging and established artists and designers in glass, ceramics, textiles, wood, and metal. In all, more than 70 galleries will be featured.

For the first time this includes Galleri Format Oslo:

The gallery will represent 12 Norwegian artists working with glass, ceramics, jewellery and textile. The selection includes work by well-established artists such as Sigurd Bronger and Torbjørn Kvasbø, as well as up-and-coming artists Beate Einen and Nils Martin. The gallery is excited to be able to present some of the finest Norwegian craft artists at this important international venue for craft. With our selection, we aim to show the diversity and high quality of Norwegian craft today.

Hedda Bjerkeli, jewellery
Toril Bjorg, jewellery
Sigurd Bronger, jewellery
Kari Dyrdal, textile
Beate Einen, glass
Sidsel Hanum, ceramics
Kari Håkonsen, glass
Karen Klim, glass
Vidar Koksvik, glass
Torbjørn Kvasbø, ceramics
Nils Martin, ceramics
Marit Tingleff, ceramics