Oldenburg International Ceramic Fair : Oldenburg - 35th International Ceramics Fair

A fair, plus much more! At the fair 124 selected potters, ceramists, designers and artists from across Europe and Japan offer their top products.

Organized by the "Werkschule  e.V." 2017 the International "Ceramics Art Oldenburg" in the North of Germany will take place for the 35th time. And the program of this edition confirms the status of the event: The Ceramic Art Oldenburg is one of the most important venues for the German and the European Ceramic-Community. Here you find all a "ceramophile" heart seeks: a first-quality fair with exhibitions and workshop where you have the unique opportunity to learn from world famous ceramists.
On the 4th of August, the Ceramics Art Oldenburg starts at the „Werkschule", where two ceramic-artists, Sasha Wardell, UK and Tomoko Tonno from Japan, will host the one-day "Ceramic lecture and demonstration. Both artists are highly awarded and have shown in exhibitions and galleries around the world. The "Ceramist - Portrait" offers a unique opportunity to watch international ceramic Stars at work and to get an insight into their specific operational methods, backgrounds and processing.
The weekend of the 5th and 6th of August is all about the International Ceramic Fair on the square in front of the Oldenburg County Museum for Art and Cultural History. Chosen by a competent jury out of nearly 350 applicants, 124 potters, ceramists, designers and artists from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Swiss, Spain, Estonia, Japan and Czech Republic offer their top products. One third of the exhibitors come from abroad - more than 60.000 people interested in ceramics visit the market every year.
The exhibitors have the opportunity to submit work for a "best of" exhibition, titeled  "brandneu - brandnew" in the Oldenburg County Museum for Art and Cultural History, where three prizes are given by a jury, in the categories of: innovation, function and surface. Additionally, there is an public prize.
For the 9th time, the "NEW CERAMICS" prize will be given, an award for outstanding achievement in the field of ceramic art. 

The winner of this prize is also decided by a jury and will be invited the following year for a solo-exhibition in the Oldenburg County Museum for Art and Cultural History. This year it will be Rachel Wood from UK.

04.08.2017: Keramikerportrait mit Sasha Wardell (UK) und Tomoko Konno (Jap.) 
The Ceramic Fair is not only a showcase of the best in the ceramic community but also provides the opportunity to rap on the knuckles with the best in the field as they create their pieces of work. Every year the Werkschule invites two outstanding ceramic artists to host a one-day "Ceramic Portrait"-Workshop. During this workshop the artists reveal and demonstrate how and why  they go about creating their art. Collegues from the international scene get involved in this extraordinary event the day before the fair. Thus, it is of no surprise that, within the creative setting of the Werkschule, - this workshop is a lot of fun  - proven by the keen interest of participants and artists.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)