International Oldenburg Ceramic Fair : Oldenburg - 33rd International Ceramics Fair

120 selected potters, ceramists, designers and artists from across Europe and Japan offer their top products.

Ceramic Event with a European Format

Once a year the Werkschule presents itself as a member of the Ceramic-Community at an international level. Situated around the noble Schloss in the city-center of Oldenburg it hosts the International Ceramic Fair which includes a ceramic market, presentation of professional prizes, special exhibits and artist showcases. The fair ensures that collectors and enthusiasts alike are offered  an exquisite range of works from artistic creations to high-quality tableware. Based upon strict criteria a jury of professionals within the field chooses over a hundred workshops and ceramic artists to present their current work. The ceramic market is accompanied by an interesting program wich includes a guided tour of the market, audience awards and a quiz. This event attracts more than 60.000 visitors annually.

Audience Award 
The International Ceramic Fair wants to motivate its visitors to view the exhibit and works with a critical stance. In order to achieve this it has created the Audience Award in which the visitors can choose their favorite pieces of work in the themed exhibition. After casting their ballots the decision is announced in a high-profile event on the first evening of the fair whom the favor of the audience belongs to. The prize-money which goes to the creator of the front-runner is 500 Euros and is donated by the company "SIBELCO" from Ransbach-Baumbach.

The Ceramic Award of the Oldenburg Ceramic Market
As it is part of the program of the Werkschule to communicate and defend quality standards it has ensured that the quality criteria set for the Oldenburg Ceramic Fair are transparent and has initiated a Ceramic Prize for the three best works of the themed exhibition. A panel of experts chooses from among the turned in contributions which ceramic artist presented the best piece of work.  The exhibition space for this event is provided for by the Landesmuseum for Art and Cultural History. It is in front of this impressive backdrop that the Ceramic Fair also takes place.

Special Exhibition in the Museum
This highlight only lasts two days - but is very impressive: The special exhibition in the County Museum for Art and Cultural Historyis around a theme chosen by the Werkschule. The participants of the fair can submit two pieces of work and in this way prove their skill-level to a greater audience in the areas of creative craftsmanship and artistic ceramics. Their interpretations and oftentimes original variations of themes convey to the audience an impressive overview of the diversity of contemporary ceramics. Thus the Ceramic Fair is also a "School of Observance". Concurrent to this event a second curated exhibition honoring the awardee of the previous year's "New Ceramics"-Award takes place in another museum setting.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)