Bruce Castle Museum : Haringey Potter: Re-creating the Highgate Roman kiln

we are-creating the Highgate Roman kiln in Highgate Woods with pottery and kiln-making expert Dr Nick Peacey and potter Mooki Hurst. This is a project working with young people from Haringey, and forms part of the Stories of the World Programme for the Cultural Olympiad

During the summers of 1971 to 1973 Nick Peacey and Archaeologist Dr Harvey Sheldon constructed a number of replica kilns in the Woods with re-enactments of the Roman firings. Our youth project today is based on these experiments of the 1970s. We are privileged to have the commitment of both Nick Peacey and Harvey Sheldon, together with the support of the Corporation of London and their staff who manage Highgate Woods. 
Michael Welbank, Chairman of Highgate Wood at the City of London Corporation, said:
"I am delighted that this rare kiln will come back to its original site in Highgate Woods. This was a fascinating time in history which really put Highgate on the map and hopefully the return of the kiln will spark an interest in the Woods with new visitors, so they can discover for themselves what a special place it is."
2 groups of young people are taking part in creating their own pottery from the same London clay that the Romans used between AD50 and AD160. Local potter Mooki Hurst is facilitating our on-site workshops to encourage the young participants to enjoy freedom in their creativity and to guide them towards achieving the best results. Exposure Magazine is recording the project to ensure our subsequent exhibitions are developed from the viewpoint of the young participants.
On Monday 12 July, Dr Harvey Sheldon will be on site. When it comes to London archaeology, Harvey Sheldon is the godfather.
On Friday 16 July, David Lammy MP for Tottenham will be visiting at 11.30am
Stories of the World: London is one of the major projects at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Cultural Olympiad began in 2008, and uses the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire creativity across all forms of culture, especially amongst young people.
Bruce Castle Museum is the local history museum and archive for the London borough of Haringey. The museum is one of a cluster of organisations undertaking individual projects such as this, leading to a major exhibition at the Museum of London in 2012.