Paul Rice Gallery : Bryan Newman

  •  Robin Welch - Early Work (17.10 - 14.11.2015)

    Robin Welch - Early Work (17.10 - 14.11.2015)

Bryan Newman has been one of this country's most outstanding potters since the 1960s when he became well-known for his extraordinary sculptural pots - townscapes, bridges, castles.

Most of Bryan's pots, however, have been functional vessels - and, despite being one of the most imitated domestic potters, this aspect of his work is less known. He employed a wide range of decorative styles from sparse brushwork on a dolomite glaze to quite densely painted decoration more like textile designs. He loved painting boats, fish and also produced a range of slightly comical animals - usually cats.
Possibly his best and most distinctive pieces were decorated by pouring overlapping tongues of coloured glaze to create a vibrant, dry surface reminiscent of abstract expressionism.
For some years now, he has been making very few pots and concentrating on ceramic murals.
Many of the pots will be under 50 

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  • Bryan Newman