Morley Gallery : London Potters Annual Exhibition of Ceramics

  •  Christine Norris

    Christine Norris

  •  Abel Kesteven

    Abel Kesteven

  •  Katalin Szallis

    Katalin Szallis

  •  Diana Tonnison

    Diana Tonnison

New works by some 90 members of  the London Potters.More details later - make a note in your diary.

The London Potters Annual exhibition at the Morley Gallery is the show to visit if you are passionate about ceramics.

Showcasing the work of 90 members of the Society, it offers a kaleidoscope of styles, materials and subjects that will appeal both to collectors as well as first-time buyers.

On display you might find an important sculptural piece by an established maker or a functional object by a newcomer; a quirky piece perfect for a special gift, or a well-crafted pot to covet and to treasure. All works are new and original; as the exhibition hosts both established makers as well as newcomers, there are prices suitable for most pockets.

All pieces are for sale.

Fay de Winter is giving a talk at Morley Gallery on Sunday 4th December, 1-1.30pm (the same day as Morley college Christmas fair), to celebrate London Potters 30th year, with a brief history about the organisation and discussion of members works shown on site... 

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)