Morley Gallery : London Potters Annual Exhibition of Ceramics

  •  Christine Norris

    Christine Norris

  •  Abel Kesteven

    Abel Kesteven

  •  Katalin Szallis

    Katalin Szallis

  •  Diana Tonnison

    Diana Tonnison

Excellent show of work from around 90 members from London Potters. Well worth a visit.

This event is a treasure-trove for anybody interested in ceramics, because it provides a showcase for a range of  styles and techniques that span from traditional to innovative, from functional to sculptural, in a variety of original and exciting techniques, whilst maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship at accessible prices.

This is the exhibition to visit for something to add to your collection or to marvel at new ideas and finishes; to find a favourite maker or to discover a new artist; to browse at leisure,  to find a special gift, to be inspired! . All work is for sale, with a wide amount of pieces usually being under 100

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)