Morley Gallery : London Potters Annual Exhibition of Ceramics

  •  Christine Norris

    Christine Norris

  •  Abel Kesteven

    Abel Kesteven

  •  Katalin Szallis

    Katalin Szallis

  •  Diana Tonnison

    Diana Tonnison

Excellent show of work from around 90 members from London Potters. Well worth a visit. (PV: 1 December from 6pm to 8.00pm)

Beautiful and useful...ceramic art can fulfil both dictates of the Arts and Crafts movement. The London Potters exhibition at the Morley Gallery, showcasing the work of 90 members of this society, also offers the opportunity to find original pieces at very accessible prices. This popular yearly show features  a wide spectrum of ceramics ranging from traditional to contemporary designs, from sculptural pieces to functional ware. This is the show to visit, to be inspired  and to appreciate the diversity and creativity of ceramic artists.

All pieces are for sale.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)