Loughbrough Market Place : Ceramics in Charnwood Market Place (8th Year)

Over 60 potters and Ceramic artists from the East Midlands and beyond selling their work in Loughborough Market Place. Too good to miss if you can get there.

The only town centre Ceramics market in the UK returns for it's 6th year. Don't miss it!

Ceramics in Charnwood was started as part of craft and design month - www.craftanddesign.net .. seen as an opportunity for local ceramic artists to show the public what they do and of course sell some work! For one day only studio pottery comes to Loughborugh market place.

Potters and ceramic artists from the East Midlands and beyond including: 

Here's a list of exhibitors so you know who's coming..
Ken and Val Shelton, Staffordshire
Muggins Pottery, Leicestershire
Jo Keogh, Leicester
David Pantling, Nottingham
Charlotte Steel, Nottinghamshire
Alsager Pottery, Staffordshire
Susan Olumide, Derbyshire
Iris Eisenhart, Warwickshire
Lesley Nason, Derbyshire
Brenda Burton, Leicestershire
Sue Barton, Leicestershire
Zoo Ceramics, Lincolnshire
Barry Lockwood, Worcester
Steve Booton, Sheffield
Jane and PeterMcCormick, Leicestershire
Hazel Higham, Staffordshire
Gillian McMillan, Stoke on Trent
Peter Cosentino, Northamptonshire
Bob & Andi Emmett, Lincolnshire
Caroline Lee, South Yorkshire
Jean Blood, Leicestershire
Kath Jamieson, Lincolnshire
Lynn Fox, Leicestershire
Karen Atherley, Lincolnshire
Anna-Mercedes Wear, Sheffield
Nick Williams, Staffordshire
Lindsay Thomas, Yorkshire
Yvonne Heath, Cheshire
Steve & Sandra Smith, Leicestershire
Sheepshead Pottery, Leicestershire
Katherine Winfrey, Lincolnshire
Ian Roberts, Leicestershire
Debbie Barber, Leicestershire
Firedragon Ceramics, Loughborough
Martin Shackleton, Loughborough
Nicholas Marsh, Staffordshire
David Wright, Leicestershire
Lynn Hazel, Derby
Sara Budzik, Leicestershire
Kathy Goodridge, Loughborough
Gideon Cumming, Loughborough
Jillian Riley, Derbyshire
Nita Rao, Leicestershire
The Handmade Mug Co, Leicestershire
Charlotte Berry, Sheffield
Jan Howard, Kent
Zoe Petrie, Warwickshire
Ben Brierley, Loughborough
Carl Gray, Lincolnshire
Cisca Collins, Leicester
Penny Withers, Sheffield
Trevor Dyer, Cambridgeshire
Kit Anderson, Fotoceramica, Nottingham
Liying Xu, China
Mark Smith, Staffordshire TBC
Donnas Peterson, Lincolnshire TBC
And me!
David Salsbury, Loughborough

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)