Blackwell : Light structures: Halima Cassell

A solo exhibition by one of the UK's most exciting ceramic artist, designer and maker, Halima Cassell. (PV: 24 july 6-8pm - request invitation)

Halima Cassell is a maker of considerable versatility, who has extended her signature work in clay to a range of new materials, including marble, glass and porcelain. This exhibition contains a new body of work which has been made in response to Blackwell, and reflects Cassell's enthusiastic response to this beautiful house and in its dramatic Lakeland setting.
This exhibition offers Cassell an opportunity to reinterpret the distinctive Arts & Crafts elements of Blackwell - stained glass, carved woodwork, foliate plasterwork - incorporating them into her own work so as to reflect and interpret the simplicity and refined lines that underlie Arts & Crafts design. Her work is informed by a combination of geometry and organic forms which reflect many of the spatial and decorative elements at Blackwell.
As she says, 'Blackwell's external modesty is belied by the splendid simplicity of its interior, and the endless variation of detailing on offer to the attentive eye' (In Garlanded with Light, an illustrated essay by Andrew Lambirth available from Blackwell).
Cassell has created high-relief, carved forms and vessels having spent many hours in the house. This year-long process from research, through development, to production has been recorded and is included in Light Structures, opening out the working methods of this highly-original artist.
In addition, Cassell has made a series of five wallpaper designs. These white on white papers are textured and embossed until they become a form of low relief, presenting different levels of surface to capture and reflect the light. The wallpaper has been developed to her design by Graham & Brown and will be on display.
‘Cassell's main preoccupation and sculptural impulse is to penetrate beneath the skin of the form to reveal the structure within - the crystalline seed of the stone, or the skeleton-like armature she perceives within the clay. She does not carve exteriors but reveals interiors - the folded abstract inner landscapes of her singular and highly imaginative vision.' - Andrew Lambirth
‘The Blackwell exhibition is a exciting and wonderful show for me in which the work I produce is entirely in response to the house. I will respond both to the unique and distinctive craftsmanship of the house, and to the broader Arts & Crafts principle of drawing inspiration from and reinterpreting indigenous vernacular traditions of building.' - Halima Cassell

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  • Halima Cassell