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Jonathan Middlemiss is a ceramic artist specializing in finely made individual work. Subject to many international awards and commendations, his ceramic work is in public collections and museums around the world.

Over a career of 40 years he has had many solo exhibitions around the world and been featured in magazines, dictionaries and books. 

'I have always worked with themes of transformation, journeys and pathways. Often these are distilled into vessel forms exploring the ideas through formal and geometric symbolism, but I have also used installation to reflect responses to places in a variety of media. 

Each session of ceramic work begins with contemplation and drawing. I then use a variety of techniques and methods of forming, glazing and firing, often starting with thrown forms on the wheel. Afterwards they are cut and re-assembled with clay additions. 

When dry the delicate task of carving and sanding the pieces creates the surface that I am looking for. The pieces are then fires several times with painted or sprayed slips and glaze, and sometimes with lustres.'

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