Studio Eleven : Go Figure with ceramics from Adele Howitt

'Go Figure' is an exciting exhibition of artists work covering ceramics, printmaking, painting and photography including the work of several established and emerging new artists.

It is the first show of this kind that Studio Eleven Gallery has mounted exploring ideas, approaches and responses to the human condition. This show presents a rare opportunity to experience images about the figure that allow highly personal, unusual and creative insights into the human experience - how we look and feel.

Marta Norberciak from Poland who was educated as a doctor shows inventive photographs which often include seeing people from below water combining her interest if people with her
passion for diving. This is the first time that Marta has shown work in the UK.

Sally Gatie, an establishes artist who is soon to have a major traveling show of large scale work, pictures female figures from above wrapped in decorative and exquisite duvets. These images are highly seductive and crafted by an artist in command of her skills.

Anna Mercedes Wear makes small scale quirky ceramic figures in ones and twos which display humour through playful use of caricature. Anna from Sheffield makes work which is highly desirable to collectors of sculptural ceramics.

Other artists bringing equally inventive and substantial work to Eleven are 
Stewart Kelly from Manchester who makes free flowing and energetic linear responses to the figure, 
Wendy Tate an emerging artist whose paintings intrigue through unusual compositions which often evoke claustrophobic situations, 
Raymond Bentley and Bren Head who make amongst other things wonderful images of heads which are contorted,distorted,glimpsed and transitory, 
Chiu- I Wu from Taiwan and now resident in York makes high quality hand crafted ceramic pieces, 
Danielle Stubbs works with familiar objects which are in everyday use and which are directly connected to people, 
Mark Halsey makes beautifully produced canvasses which can include multiple figures alongside contemplative work resonant of eastern mandalas, 
Caroline Machray whose sensitive mono prints and drawings of
people display a tenderness which has resonated with the buying public, and finally 
Adele Howitt gallery partner and ceramic artist completes the line up.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)