New Ashgate Gallery : Trisha Crocker: Feminine Forms of Beauty and Individuality

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Trisha Crocker has been working in clay and bronze for two decades and her work is informed by play. Therefore, nothing is replicated and all is built from imagination and experimentation.

Her women are about the uniqueness of the female form: their phallic appearance developing through the natural progression of play along with the tactile quality of clay.

The title of the exhibition, Please Touch Me, encourages the viewer to handle the pieces and feel their form, appreciating the many sides of women. It is a reminder that women need to be touched and appreciated for their innate individuality and beauty.

Trisha Crocker was born in Hollywood and has lived in England all of her adult life. She is currently conducting research for a PhD entitled Me, Myself and I, Women and their Perceptions of Their Body Image Using Clay Making as a Tool.