New Ashgate Gallery : Autumn Craft Collection includes ceramic art

  •  The Gallery outside

    The Gallery outside

  •  Virginia Graham

    Virginia Graham

  •  Ingrid Saag

    Ingrid Saag

  •  Katharina Klug

    Katharina Klug

  •  Julie Massie

    Julie Massie

  •  Alex McCarthy

    Alex McCarthy

All work is handmade, making it unique and environmentally friendly. You are sure to find a perfect gift.

Known for selecting contemporary craft of the highest quality and skills, the gallery has selected many of our makers at major events such as Collect, Art in Clay, Art in Action, Rising Stars and the Festival of Crafts. The exhibition presents both established and emerging makers, and supports their practice by ensuring their work is visible to increasing numbers of craft collectors. The collection is curated by Ceri Bridge-Harrington and Alison Woodley.

Makers include: Ceramics Kate Schuricht; Rebecca Callis; Emma Williams; Sherry Richmond; Gale Lewis; Billie Tilley; Richard Miller; Margaret Gardiner; Lucy Burley; Carys Davies; Ken Eardley. Glass Jake Mee; Shakspeare Glass. Jewellery Naomi McIntosh; Ruth Wood; Emily Burnett; Nicola Crawford; Claire Williams; Bea Jareno; Lois Carson; Camilla Hyde; Hannah Bedford. Textiles Janie Withers; Rebecca Shreeve; Victoria Richards; Helen Chatterton. Sculpture Jill Walker and many more...

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)
  • Margaret Gardiner
  • Lucy Burley
  • Rebecca Callis
  • Carys Davies
  • Ken Eardley
  • Kate Schuricht
  • Emma Williams