Greyfriars Art Space : Dameon Lynn new ceramics

Sculptural ceramics and fine art photography

On show at Greyfriars Art Space will be the work of Dameon Lynn and Daniel Kiff, local artists who have explored the paths of sculptural ceramics and fine art photography. The collaboration began in 2011 when Dameon's work was selected for publication and Daniel produced a series of photographs enhancing the mystery of the ceramic forms. 

This will be Dameon's first show since returning to the area, where his passion for ceramics began over 15 years ago when he attended The College of West Anglia, Kings Lynn. Since then Dameon's work has been selected for numerous international exhibitions, attracting great acclaim and enhancing his reputation for adopting a fresh and dynamic approach. He is excited about the exhibition at Greyfriars Art Space as it feels like his artistic journey has travelled a full circle. 

Dameon works from his studio and gallery in the Fenland countryside. He is constantly developing his work, pushing the boundaries of the material in his own personal and unique style. Dameon produces sculptural vessels on the potters wheel, with limited colours and texture. On view in ‘Image and Clay' will be a broad example of ceramics alongside pieces that have been produced in response to Daniels images of China.