New Ashgate Gallery : Contemporary Winter Craft and Fine Art exhibition

  •  The Gallery outside

    The Gallery outside

  •  Virginia Graham

    Virginia Graham

  •  Ingrid Saag

    Ingrid Saag

  •  Katharina Klug

    Katharina Klug

  •  Julie Massie

    Julie Massie

  •  Alex McCarthy

    Alex McCarthy

The mixed exhibition presents both established and emerging makers, and supports their practice by ensuring their work is visible to collectors. (PV: 16/11/12 6.00pm to 8.00pm)

We are delighted to introduce ceramics by:

 Cressida Borrett; Emily Hall; Paul Jackson; Eliza Jayne Simpson; Dave Rogers; Jan Lewin- Cadogan and Matt Sherratt.

We will also be presenting work by our regular, renowned makers, including Nicola Becci; Judith Brown; Vanessa Bullick; Lucy Burley; Fliff Carr; Machi De Waard; Rowena Gilbert; Virginia Graham; Tanya Gomez; Kirsten Hendrich; Akiko
Hirai; Camilla Hyde; John Masterton; Jane Muir; George Ormerod; Sue Paraskeva; Deryn Relph; Guy Royle; Sanders & Wallace; Kate Schuricht; Will Shakspeare; Amanda Simmons; Rebecca Skeels; Bettina Starke; Meryl Till; Billie Tilley and many more.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)