Art in Clay - Farnham : Art in Clay at Farnham 2019

The 23rd Art in Clay Farnham takes place in November. There will be a range of work from newly qualified artists working in clay to potters with many years of creative work behind them. 70 potters will be showing.

11am  Julie Ayton    ‘Draws Shoots and Leaves Julie will be showing her decorating process onto porcelain and will talk about her inspiration and idea development.

1pm  Gareth Mason The potter's wheel permeates my process. Despite the metamorphoses I put my pots through, soft porcelain, the ‘white mud', holds an enduring importance. The pot is ‘body' in more than name to me. In this demonstration I will implicate the audience in my ‘small taboos'.

3pm  Paul Jackson     ‘irresistible transition' Paul will demonstrate his process of decoration and resist technique for his Madrugada series


12pm  Deiniol Williams    ‘Stone Inclusions' Deiniol will demonstrate his throwing technique using large stone inclusions in the clay.

2pm  Andy & Di McInnes ‘Studio Pottery, my part in its downfall' with apologies to Spike Milligan. People have asked me many times, how did I get involved with Ceramics and Art in Clay. So in the style of John Peel meets 80s disco as done by the Marx bros, I shall try to tell the tale. Expect the unexpected, + gifts, no one goes away empty handed! As ever and always, I will be ably assisted by the powerhouse that is my ‘child bride' Mrs. Diane McInnes.!