New Ashgate Gallery : Duncan Ross - Ceramics

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New ceramics by Duncan Ross. Private view: 20 April, 6-8pm

Duncan Ross's work  is thrown and burnished using many layers of a fine terrasigillata slip with resist and inlay decoration. He began working with sigillata to develop a rich surface with a combination of form and pattern that would be integral to the clay. Starting with line and polishing, he experimented to obtain a feeling of depth, allowing the carbon process to play its essential and unpredictable part.
Duncan is searching for development that comes from themes and variations; allowing the ideas to flow from one group of work to the next, adding and omitting to arrive at a natural relationship of surface to form.
The challenge lies in the relationship of form and imagery. Balance, rhythm and proportion are all important. It is the combination of the fundamental and the sophisticated that Duncan finds fascinating.
Duncan's work is represented in notable collections abroad as well as in the collections of the Victoria and Albert and Fitzwilliam Museums and the Walker Art Gallery among many others in the UK.

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