Contemporary Ceramics Centre : SLIPPED

  •  Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

    Svend Bayer (Exhibition: 02.04-02.05.2015)

  •  Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

    Monika Debus (Exhibition: 25.06-18.07.2015)

  •  Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

    Emmanuel Cooper (Exhibition: 12-28.03.2015)

  •  Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

    Wally Keeler (Exhibition: 07-30.05.2015)

  •  Marcus O

    Marcus O'Mahony (Exhibition: 03-26.09.2015)

  •  Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

    Paul Philp (Exhibition: 8.10-7.11.2015)

  •  Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

    Professionals 2015 (Exhibition: 06-29.08.2015)

PREVIEW: Wednesday 24 July, 6-8 pm at the gallery

This expressive group show features three modern-day masters of the
historic art of slipware, presenting a range of forms from energetic
sculpture to bold functional ware.

Dylan Bowen's expressive ceramics
reveal his spontaneous approach to
making - a process of pursuing a form's
"near collapse" as clay and slip interact.
The Oxfordshire ceramist's relaxed thrown
and handbuilt vessels, decorated with
energetic splashes of slip, celebrate the
fluidity of clay.

Doug Fitch brings a contemporary
language to traditional British country
pottery. Inspired by the rural setting
of his Galloway workshop, he throws
functional forms with strong proportions,
commanding a range of slipware
techniques to develop both fluid patterns
and intricate illustrations.

Nigel Lambert creates bold, colourful

slipware intended for celebrations at

the table. The Gloucestershire ceramist

embraces traditional methods, throwing

on a kick wheel and employing a woodfired

kiln, to create contemporary forms

with lively abstract surfaces.

Makers at this event include (Members in Bold)