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2015. Arabesque  - photo by James MulkeenBrian Holland
2015. Large blue and white Cosmic jar,(photo by James Mullein)Brian Holland
2015. Sea Tiger - photo by James MulkeenBrian Holland
ABX336 Jar Height 18cm	Diameter 19cmAlan Birchall
AB334 Tea bowl Height 9cm Diameter 11.5cmAlan Birchall
ABX292 Moonjar Height 15cm Diameter 16cmAlan Birchall
Ref 8419  Shino yunomi,  Height 8cm  Diameter 8.5cmMargaret Curtis
Ref 4232 Celadon chawan  Height 8cm. Diameter 12.5cmMargaret Curtis
Ref 8452  Shino Jar. Height 14.5cm Diameter 11cm.Margaret Curtis
Ref 8464  Shino Bottle. Height 18cm Diameter 11cm.Margaret Curtis
2015. Front tall saltmarsh flagon 54 x 23 cmJane Wheeler
2015. Rust accretion bottle 27 x 21 cmJane Wheeler
2015. Rust run impressed bottle 28 x 24 cmJane Wheeler
2015. Rust accretion bottle 48 x 22 cmJane Wheeler
Artichoke inspired form, 21cm diameter 13cm tall, (coloured t-material, handbuilt and glazed in a white tin glaze, fired to 1220 C).Post and packing extra.Linda Southwell
Black flower form on oak plinth. Oak plinth 21cm tall 9cm wide 9cm deep. Sculpture on top 18cm tall and diameter of 17cm. (black clay, unglazed and hand built).Post and packing extra.Linda Southwell
Serving Tray, 52cms long.Post and packing extra.John Calver
Plate, 27cms diameter, with hanger on reverse.Post and packing extra.John Calver
Jewellery Box, 20cms dia x 6cms tall.Post and packing extra.John Calver
Tall Jug, 39cms.Post and packing extra.John Calver
Round Bowl, 22cms diameter, 11cms tall.Post and packing extra.John Calver
Raku-fired crackle glaze vase,  Incised shoulder with brushed copper/iron underglaze. Light metallic lustre.
14cm high 14cm diam. (postage  extra)Keith Kent
Raku-fired crackle glaze vase.  Incised shoulder with brushed copper/manganese underglaze. Light metallic lustre.
13cm high 14cm diam. (postage  extra)Keith Kent
Mary Kershaw
Impassioned Clay
Inscription: Virginia Woolf quoting John Keats writing about Shakespeare’s King Lear T-Material/white stoneware wall panel with hemp rope fixing 45cm across x 42 high x up to 10cm deep (approx)Liz Mathews
Welcome bowl, 27.5cm diam x 10cm high
Inscription: And now in welcome the sky lights star after star on high (Valentine Ackland)
Deep blue inside with stars incised through colour to the shining clay, text in scattered lettering round outsideLiz Mathews
Orchard crater dish, 26cm diam, 8cm crater, 8.5cm high. side view
Inscription: It is the luminous shining
under the substance (Jeni Couzyn)Liz Mathews
Orchard crater dish, 26cm diam, 8cm crater, 8.5cm high.
Inscription: It is the luminous shining
under the substance (Jeni Couzyn)Liz Mathews
Love and Wine jug, Stoneware, 1 litre capacity, 19cm high
Come, let us agree 
There are pleasures divine
In wine and in love
In love and in wine
(Shadwell)Liz Mathews
Herb and nut bowls (approx 14cm x 6cm) including juniper, cobnuts, pinenuts, lavender, rosemary, garlic, wild thyme. £30 eachLiz Mathews
Pavimento Uno, 40cm across, 1cm thick.  
Wall panel incised and decorated with mosaic design from San Marco, High fired T-Material/Stoneware so frostproof
£210  (other sizes/designs available)Liz Mathews
Voice of the river bowl, 34cm diam x 14cm high
Inscription: I am the voice of the river, singing in your dreams, a lullaby of waters, a litany of streams
(Frances Bingham)Liz Mathews
Olive oil dippers, Jug 7cm high, dish 9.5cm across £25 for the pairLiz Mathews
Burns’ blessing dish with oregano, lavender, cornflowers, rosemary, thyme and tarragon, 29cm diameter
Inscription by Robert BurnsLiz Mathews
Earth light jar, 24cm high 17cm diameter
White stoneware, glazed within over deep blue brushwork, unglazed outside except for text ‘window’Liz Mathews

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