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Christine Smith
Christines' Pottery, Barnbarroch ..
Ceramic Space - dedicated t..
A great site - you can spend a lo..
Dorothy Feibleman
Dorothy Feibleman's Nerikomi work
Alison Graham, Ceramics blo..
This blog will be used to record ..
Cynthia Guajardo
Dan Finnegan
Based in Virginia, United States ..

Information Sources (47)
Italian Pottery Journal
Regina Pottery Collectors w..
The site focuses on Dutch art pot..
New Zealand Pottery Marks a..
Tim Caulton has set up this usefu..
"Picture galleries of post-war ce..
Ceramike - Studio Pottery
a developing interactive resource..
on-line directory of part-time ar..

Making a Difference (10)

A small charity which deals with ..
Light from Africa Foundatio..
The Foundation raises funds, faci..
Adopt a Potter
Helping support and train potters..
Emmaus gives people a chance to g..
Viva! launches regular, hard-hitt..
The National K12 Ceramic Ex..
Formed to recognize and honor the..

Organisations (33)

Hidden Art
Represents over 350 designers/mak..
La Meridiana
La Meridiana, an International Ce..
Craft Potters Association (..
The leading UK Potters Associati..
Canadian Crafts Federation ..
The national arts service organiz..
Dutch Ceramicists Associati..
Represents over 400 member potter..
Potters Bristol
Website of the retail outlet "Pot..

Other - Worldwide (33)

Sylvia Ohrn
Sylvia Ohrn is a well-known Vanc..
Ricardo Casimiro
A Portuguese ceramicst.
Ceramic Studio, Prague
A studio, gallery and school of c..
Shiho Kanzaki
Anagama - Wood fired stoneware fr..
Magali Arieta
A Brazilian ceramist from Rio de ..
Antique Alive
Antique Alive presents Korean ant..

Publications (9)

Ceramic Review
The International Magazine of Cer..
The Log Book
International Wood-fired Ceramics..
Ceramics Monthly
A publication of The American Cer..
Ceramics, Art and Perceptio..
One of the leading magazines for ..
A&C Black
A&C Black are a major publisher o..
Clay Times
The journal of Ceramic Trends & T..