Blogs (97)

Christine Smith
Christines' Pottery, Barnbarroch ..
David Melville, potter
Basically about the being a potte..
Spanish Ceramicist, PenÚlope Vall..
blog for Luciane Yukie and Sakura..
Nitsan Stern Pottery
The blog is the personal blog of ..
Noelle Horsfield

Information Sources (47)

Startlocal - Guide to Potte..
An educational website that for r..
Studio One
Interesting information on some p..
Figurines Sculpture
Website of sculptor Peter Holland..
Regina Pottery Collectors w..
The site focuses on Dutch art pot..
Stoke on Trent Potteries
Brilliant site with extensive dat..
Ceramike - Studio Pottery
a developing interactive resource..

Making a Difference (10)

Empty Bowls Project
Empty Bowls, a project to provide..
Viva! launches regular, hard-hitt..
Adopt a Potter
Helping support and train potters..
Potters for Peace
Description: Potters for Peace U...
Emmaus gives people a chance to g..
Samaritans is available 24 hours ..

Organisations (41)

Contemporary Applied Arts
Founded in 1948 to promote the be..
A.C.G.A. of California
Association of Clay and Glass Art..
Dutch Ceramicists Associati..
Represents over 400 member potter..
International Academy of Ce..
The International Academy of Cera..
Benyamini Contemporary Cera..
promotes ceramic art and design i..
International Ceramics Stud..
The International Ceramics Studio..

Other - Worldwide (33)

Antique Alive
Antique Alive presents Korean ant..
Chilean Ceramics
Excellent Range of Chilean artist..
Japanese Tableware wants many people t..
Clayspace Co-Op
Welcome to the Clayspace Co-op. W..
Gives details of JosÚ Antonio Sar..
A Touch of Clay
Gives details of Orly Nezer┤s wor..

Publications (9)

Clay Times
The journal of Ceramic Trends & T..
Ceramics, Art and Perceptio..
One of the leading magazines for ..
Ceramic Review
The International Magazine of Cer..
New Ceramics
German based Ceramics magazine wi..
Ceramics Today
Born of the defunct ceramics.abou..
Ceramics Monthly
A publication of The American Cer..