Blogs (97)

Fiona Thompson
interesting ceramic artists blog
BadarCeramics - when clay r..
Interesting blog by a ceramic art..
Bridget Arnold
Gives details of projects and eve..
Kyle Carpenter
Amy Sanders
Dan Finnegan
Based in Virginia, United States ..

Information Sources (47)

Regina Pottery Collectors w..
The site focuses on Dutch art pot..
Ceramike - Studio Pottery
a developing interactive resource..
The Potters Friend
Help and advice with all your pot..
"Picture galleries of post-war ce..
Pottery Blog
Emily Murphy, a studio potter mak..
This UK based service is a breakd..

Making a Difference (10)

Emmaus gives people a chance to g..
The National K12 Ceramic Ex..
Formed to recognize and honor the..
A small charity which deals with ..
Empty Bowls Project
Empty Bowls, a project to provide..
Adopt a Potter
Helping support and train potters..
Potters for Peace
Description: Potters for Peace U...

Organisations (41)

West Dean College
The College offers f/t Diploma pr..
American Museum of Ceramic ..
Founded in 2001 and opened in Sep..
The De Morgan Centre
The De Morgan Centre for the stud..
Nga Taonga a Hine-te-iwa-iw..
Nga Taonga a Hine-te-iwa-iwa tran..
Appledore Arts
Appledore Arts in Devon promotes ..
Devon Guild of Craftsmen
Excellent site, with lots of info..

Other - Worldwide (33)

Chilean Ceramics
Excellent Range of Chilean artist..
Els Wenselaers
An interesting website by a Belgi..
Shiho Kanzaki
Anagama - Wood fired stoneware fr..
Sylvia Ohrn
Sylvia Ohrn is a well-known Vanc..
Antique Alive
Antique Alive presents Korean ant..
Delhi Blue Pottery Trust
The leading website for updates o..

Publications (9)

Ceramics Monthly
A publication of The American Cer..
Ceramics, Art and Perceptio..
One of the leading magazines for ..
Ceramics Today
Born of the defunct ceramics.abou..
Crowood Press
Up to date list of Ceramics Books..
A&C Black
A&C Black are a major publisher o..
The Log Book
International Wood-fired Ceramics..