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50 Inspiring Pottery Blogs!

09 Jun 2010

Amy cook has just told me that Studio pottery blog has been included in her '50 Inspiring pottery Blogs' which form a part of the Graphic Design Degrees website based in the USA 

the fifty are split between:

Inspiring Pottery Blogs by a Professional - These professionals make pottery for a living and share in their blogs. 

Inspiring Pottery Blogs by an Individual - Share your love of pottery with these bloggers. 

Inspiring International Pottery Blogs - Go overseas in these pottery blogs. 

Inspirational Pottery Blogs by a Group - These group blogs have more inspiration for pottery. 

Inspirational Pottery Sites - Visit these sites to get the basics, advanced methods, and everything in between that are inspirational for your pottery. 

Inspiring Pottery Blogs by a Publication - These newspapers, magazines, and more have inspirational items on pottery.

 50 sites with something for everyone, thank you Amy :)