Oriental Glazes - Michael Bailey

01 Jul 2004

Press Release:
Michael Bailey - author of our best-selling ceramic handbook Glazes Cone 6 offers an in depth analysis of Oriental glazes in this new title in the popular Ceramics Handbook series. This book is a basic how-to-do guide on Oriental Glazes offering a starting point for beginners, and a rich source of recipes and approaches to the established potter.

The book acknowledges the difficulty of mastering Oriental Glazes and discuses recipes, chemical make-up, troubleshooting, and examines current artists use of these glazes.

The author offers a clear and practical guide on how best to achieve Oriental Glazes. This is a popular area of ceramics that few books cover. Michael Bailey fills an obvious niche in the market with his expertise and experience.

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ISBN: 071366214X
Price: 12.99
Publication: November 2003
Binding: Paperback

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