This is a Social Enterprise Business It aims to help potters and ceramic artists to become better known, to sell their work, to fill their courses and to provide a window into this fantastic world of 3D art!

All income from the business is re-invested in the business so that it can help more ceramicists and potters or is distributed as grants and awards to those working with clay.

Selected members working anywhere in the world, can join the enterprise either by invitation or after review by our selection committee. Either as established artists or as less well known artists who we believe have great talent and potential they are offered a platform to tell about themselves and their work and also to offer work for sale using our website (which has large numbers of visitors each month)

They can also publicise their exhibitions and courses both on their profile page and in our special sections for Events and Courses

Over 3000 potters and ceramicists are also listed on our Directory, providing one of the worlds largest sources of links to potters and ceramicists. We are always delighted to add new members to this Directory and to fill in contact details for those we don't currently have

Main Features

  • About 400 Selected members (British and Worldwide) with full details and image galleries, links to shows, courses and in some cases to a Sales area where their latest work can be purchased
  • Over 3000 Directory members, many with contact details and links
  • A wide range of galleries with brief contact details, both British and throughout the World
  • A wide selection of Courses, run by members and others
  • Lists of Potters Associations and Arts weeks, most with links
  • A Marketplace for Selected Members work
  • Free Classified advertising for members and Non members, Suppliers and others
  • Lists of Museums
  • Topical Blog

Background has been running for over 13 years serving the ceramics community, it is updated most days and the information is very up to date. We ask members to add fresh images regularly and many do this, we seek information of exhibitions from not only members but a wide variety of sources and consider our information to be more comprehensive than any others for Britain, and try to include as much as possible from other areas

No website that we know has a more comprehensive and integrated information base focused on Clay Art


We plan to add further information in all areas over the next few years, to extend the Selected members Work for Sale marketplace and to add substantially to information for artists in clay from countries outside Britain

As the business develops further our other goals are to support education for the Ceramic Arts and extend the Award and Grant programme, both in Britain and elsewhere in the World

We also hope to encourage Ceramic Art and artists in those areas of the World where it may be less well developed or publicised.


To all visiting, Welcome! We hope you enjoy looking around the information we have assembled for you and that you may be tempted to buy some of the excellent work that is For Sale - Visit us frequently, you will find pages that tell you what has been added recently and there is plenty of information to keep you excited and amazed by the different types of work that clay can create from Sculpture to teacups, from garden pots to stunning traditional and contemporary individual pieces of 3D art

If you want to know anything else or wish to comment - just email us -