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Studio: Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, BN17.
Telephone: +44(0)7795164622
Availability: My Studio is located at home, must phone first around mainly weekends.
Joined on: 2008-09-03
Last Updated: 2019-03-02

Artists Statement

Artists Statement

My pieces of work are all handmade and include vessels, sculpture and well piece. The work is very organic in its use of colour and form I try to keep the work very earthy and natural, drawing heavily on my inspiration of the natural world. My work blurs the line between functional pottery and sculptural forms.

My style developed naturally on its own, my very early work was rougher in finish and shape and used much more vibrant colours. Over the years as I learnt new techniques and improved my skills my work evolved and became the more finished and natural looking work I create today.

I live in Littlehampton, West Sussex, very close to the Sussex downs and the beach; I use aerial views of the downs, looking at the changing landscape through the seasons.

The surrounding areas are a big influence to the work that I do; I develop my ideas through drawing, print and paint keeping a sketchbook of ideas using the inspiration from natural objects, the human figure and corroded surfaces. I love corroded surfaces, the contrast of rough and smooth line, patterns and texture that are found on stones, wood, glass and metal that has been weathered and broken down from natural erosion. I like to see how the landscape changes from month to month and the effects that farming the land has had, leaving patterns by man or nature.

Current Work

Current Work

My current work is inspired by abstract art its use of colour, shape and form to express a feeling or a moment in time.

I love the work of Ben Nicholson; he uses very natural tones of colour and simple shapes that are so pleasing to the eye. Mark Rothko also influences the colours I use on the surfaces of my work, it’s a dream like quality that I am after, mixed with the figurative influences of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.I also draw on the traditional studio pottery and modern/Post-modernists ceramics for the shape and techniques used, artists such as; Hans Coper, Dame Lucie Rie, Gordon Baldwin, Ewen Henderson, Alison Britton and Sarah Radstone.

What makes my work unique is that each piece is a one off, the pattern, texture and form of each piece is different due to the way I create them. The work changes every time you look at it or move around it, there is always some thing new to look at. The work is a mix of contemporary ideas with traditional making techniques.

My work takes many forms; vessels, sculpture, jewellery and wall pieces. I hope that they show and express the spirit and essence of place and time. The pieces are hand built using either stoneware or porcelain that has been washed over with oxides and/or coloured slips to highlight the textures that are on the surface. Each piece is made as a one off and is made as a decorative piece of art.

Work Generally Available from:
The Flint Gallery, Blakeney, North Norfolk, England
Francis Perry, Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Smiths Row, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Forge gallery, Walburton, Sussex, England
West End House Gallery, Smarden, Kent, England
My On-line Shop: Etsy - online -

Also Sussex Guild Shows, Across Sussex

Other information: I am working  as a Ceramic artist from my workshops in Littlehampton and I offer workshops on hand building and jewellery  techniques at  the Forge Gallery in Arundel  once a month please call  01243 554818 for information  

Sussex Guild Designer Makers of Contemporary and Traditional Crafts (I exhibit throughout the year atvarying venues, including Hatfield House, Parham Manor and Midhurst Rother College.)

Technical Information

Technical Information

The vessels are made using a traditional hand building technique of textured slabs that are joined together to make the vessel forms.  

The forms are bisque fired then I use a black oxide over the surface of the vessels to high light the textures and patterns that I have made on the surface of the clay body.  I use limited glazes on my work as I like the clay to look natural. 

The forms are then fired In a electric kiln  up to 1260 /1280.

Background History

Background History

2007 - 2008: Chichester College
Completed PGCE in HE 

2006 - 2007: Chichester College
Teacher training stage two completed

2006- 2007: Chichester College
Stage one Literacy skill for life pass

2005-2006: Chichester College
Teaching stage one completed in February with a Pass  

2003-2004: The Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College
MA- Contemporary Crafts, {Ceramics} completed in September with a Pass with the MA I was able to work with my idea / theme and develop them over the course of the year. This course gave me a better understanding of what it could be like if I was working for my self, as I was left to develop my work and my understanding of the material that I was using. I had to keep to a time scale ware I had to fit in my practice, essays and other development work I became very good at managing my time keeping to the deadlines.  I also had the opportunity to go to Japan for three weeks ware I took part in the International Ceramics Exchange this was an unforgettable experience. Also as part of the MA I had to go and interview other artists I  was able to go and  talk to Gordon Baldwin and Robin Welch about there work which I would never had done if I hadn’t done the MA.  The MA has given me a better understanding of my work and some grate opportunities. 

2001-2003: The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, University College
BA{ Hons} Three Dimensional Design {Ceramics} Pass with 2.1 
The BA Hon has enabled me to develop a strong body of work and a deeper understanding of the concepts and motivation behind my work. On the BA I have had the opportunity to become the class representative, being the class representative means that I had to be very organized with my time, had to be a good communicator to talk to the students and tutors. I was also the organiser for events to raise money for are end of year show at New Designers. 

1999-2001: Northbrook College, Sussex
HND Art in Design, Pass with a Merit
On the HND I was able to work with many different materials, techniques and processes from metals, wood, plastic molding, plaster molding/casting and press molding . In the second semester I found that ceramics was best suited to my work and I enjoyed working with the medium. 

Exhibition History

Exhibition History

2012: OPEN HOUSE ; Brighton 5th May
2012: Parham House, Sussex Guild June
2012:  Styening Art- 26 May
2012:  Hatford house 6/7/8 July
2012: Midhurst Dec Sussex Guild

2011: OPEN HOUSE ; Brighton
2011: Parham House
2011: Hatford house
2011: Worthing selling show
2011: Midhurst
2011: ETC magazine Dec issue
2010: Farnham Maltings
2010: OPEN HOUSE ; Brighton
2010: Quarter to 5 group exhibition in Brighton
2010: Parham House
2010: Hatford house

2008: Ceramic Exhibition at Worthing Dec 19
2008: Midhurst Grammar School Dec 6- 7 
2008: ‘The malting Farnham maybe’ 22 November 
2008: Open studio , Angmering  6 Sept to 7 Sept 
2008: Pashley Manor Gardens, Sussex Guild on Aug 30- 31
2008: Michelham Priory, Sussex Guild
2008: Group Exhibiting, Worthing 
2007: Pashley Manor Gardens, Sussex Guild
2007: Art Hut, Brightion Exhibition started 8 Oct 07
2007: Michelham Priory, Sussex Guild 
2007: Glazed over, Worthing Exhibition 
2007; Worthing selling show 
2006: Open house Exhibition
2006: The Craft Centre & Design Gallery, Leeds 
2006: pot to pot, Worthing 
2006: The New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham Surrey
2005: New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham Surrey, winter Exhibition private view 4th November to 31st December.
2005: The Cranleigh art Center, Surrey, Scratch the Surface, 24 August to 10 September 
2005: The Big Open     Exihibition, Worthing, West Sussex, July to September 
2004: Affordable art fair at Cranleigh church, Surrey, December  
2004: End of year MA Show, at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College 
2004: Start Contemporary Gallery, Brighton
2004: The Old Bakehouse Gallery, Fishbourne, Chichester, West Sussex ‘Oceans A part’ 
2003: International Ceramics Exchange, Japan
2003: New Designers Show, London
2001: New Designer Show, London
2001: End of Course Show at Northbrook College, Sussex         

Work Styles

Work Styles