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Studio: StoneHaus, 2617 N. 12th Avenue, Pensacola, Florida 32503, USA, .
Telephone: (850) 438-3273
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Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

I do not consider myself as either a sculptor or a potter. My sole interest is in developing new and original forms of architectural ornamentation, an expressive art form that died in the beginnings of the last century. Artists such as Lewis Sullivan, Victor Horta, Antonio Gaudi and Joseph Maria Joulol found their work superceded by a new socialist architecture that came to be known as the International Style.

This new architecture was devoid of ornament, an integral element to all previous architectural styles. Prior to the advent of the International Style, designing the ornament for a building was often considered the architect's most important work. Now ornamental design is not taught in schools of architecture, therefore, unlike Lewis Sullivan, architects no longer learn how to design original ornamentation.

My goal is not to replicate the past but to create architectural ornamentation that speaks of my own culture. In most cultures there is a confluence of art forms, for example, Baroque music and architecture. The dominant musical form of the last century has been Rock-n-Roll, yet there is very little of this Art form in architecture. This exhibit is a gesture toward new ornamental style that emanates from our own culture. From "Architectural Passages"

Current Work

Current Work

Includes a wide range of Architectural Ceramics - Murals, Fountains, Bars, Passage decoration, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Fireplaces and much, more.

Work generally available by contacting:

Peter King as above.

Other Information:
Frequent workshops are run.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Architectural ceramics, glazed stoneware.



Peter King moved to Pensacola from Tarpon Springs in 1970 to attend the University of West Florida. In 1973, he graduated with honors, gaining degrees in both Philosophy and Religion. After graduating, Peter remained in the Pensacola area and continued to work in construction trades that had put him through college. Having been bitten by the pottery bug while at the University of West Florida, Peter decided to apply his interest in ceramics to the building industry.

In 1975 he approached the builder he was working for as a carpenter with the idea of making handmade ceramic sinks and tiles for the homes they were building.

In February of 1977, Peter founded StoneHaus with the firm idea of making it the first pottery studio in America dedicated to making one-of-a-kind architectural ceramics.

In 1985 after dozens of large-scale architectural projects, Peter wrote and published his first article on the subject for the international ceramics magazine, "Ceramics Monthly."

Since then, Peter has continued to advance his work at a frenetic pace, producing hundreds of architectural projects while writing dozens of articles for national and international magazines and reviews. With his increasing recognition in the fields of both art and architecture, others have begun writing stories about his work.

In 1998, Peter was featured in "This Old House" Magazine and the HGTV show "Dream Builders" as well. Articles appeared about his teaching workshops in "Clay Times" in the U.S. and "Contact" a Canadian ceramics magazine.

In 1995, Peter taught a workshop in architectural ceramics at the University of Costa Rica where he met his wife, Professor Xinia Marin. Xinia brings over 20 years of her own ceramic experience to the art now being produced at StoneHaus.

In 1996, Peter moved to Costa Rica for six months with two goals, to become fluent in Spanish and finish his book on architectural ceramics. The book "Architectural Ceramics" published by Lark Books is the first book of its kind. It is printed in full color with numerous photos detailing the process Peter has developed to produce his art. When Peter first thought of creating architectural scale work there was no published body of knowledge available.
Peter invented his own methods of creating architectural ceramics. With the publication of this book artists have for the first time a single source for information and they can tap into Peters' 25 years of experience.

Extract from a major touring show of work by Peter King and his wife Xinia Marin "Architectural Passages" which is touring various museums in the U.S. The show consists of full scale Architectural works.

Peter W. King does not consider himself as either as sculptor or potter. His sole interest is to develop new an original form of architectural ornamentation that speaks from our own culture.

Education and Employment
1977 - Present - Owner of StoneHaus Architectural Ceramics. His prolific production of Architectural Art, numerous publications and teaching has made him the leader in the field of Studio Architectural Ceramics. His work has appeared in numerous books and dozens of national and international magazines. 1973 B.A. Philosophy, University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida.
1973 B.A. Religion, University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida.
1971 Associate of Arts, St. Petersburg Junior College, St. Petersburg, Florida



Academic Honours and Activities
1973 Co-chairman, U.W.F. Socratic Society ; Member of U.W.F. Theater Program
1971-73 Cum Laude Philosophy; Cum Laude Religion; Danforth Fellowship nominee.

2000 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship. (Grant period 9/1/2000 to 8/31/2001)

1995 - Special Recognition from the University of Costa Rica School of Fine Arts for valuable contribution to the University.
1993 - The Distinguished Alumni Award for significant achievement in leadership and contribution in Art and Design from the University of West Florida National Alumni Association.
1993 - The American Ceramics Society Design Division Award.
1992 - Best Of Show Award for "Whose Sane," Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival, (GGAF).
1992 - The Ars Longa Vita Brevis Award for Visual Arts from the Northwest Florida Arts Council; The Judges Award of Distinction, (GGAF); Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects (F.A.A.I.A.) Mellen C. Greely Individual Craftsman Award for excellence in architectural crafts.
1991 - First in Pottery, GGAF; Best of Show Award for the entryway titled "Gotham", first of The American Vernacular Series, in the 40th Annual Florida Craftsman juried exhibition, Tampa Museum of Art, March 23 - June 2.
1990 - First in Pottery, GGAF.

1985 - Third in Pottery, GGAF.
1983 - Second in Pottery, GGAF.
1982 - First in Pottery, GGAF.
1981 - First in Pottery, GGAF.
1980 - First in Sculpture, GGAF.

1979 - First in Pottery, GGAF.



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1998, March Home and Garden Television, "Dream Builders"

2002, Dec/Jan "From the Heart", Emerald Coast Home Design.
2001 Feb/Mar "Peter King, King of Clay", Emerald Coast Home Design.
1998, Fall "A Peter King Workshop", Contact: Ceramics - A Canadian Perspective.
1998, Sept/Oct "Peter King and Architectural Ceramics in Pensacola", Clay Times.
1998, June "Clay Carpenter", This Old House.

Articles by Peter King
1996 "An Architectural Ceramics Workshop in Costa Rica", Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August.
1995 "Ceramics Workshop in Costa Rica", Tile Heritage, Spring.
1993 "A New Age of Architectural Design", Ceramic Industry, December.
1992 "Clay Carpentry", Ceramics Monthly, September.
1991 "Commissions", American Craft, June/July.
1990 "Resurgence in Handmade Tile", Tile World, March.

1989 "Making Tiles By Hand", Fine Homebuilding, October.
1989 "Installing Studio Architectural Ceramics", Studio Potter, June.
1987 "Architectural Ceramics", Fine Homebuilding, August.
1985 "An Architectural Clay Studio", Ceramics Monthly, December.

Newspaper Articles (not including Pensacola)
1997 "Arquitectonica" Historia de Barro, Laura Quejada, La Republica,February.
1994 "Ceramics Artists Redefine The Art", Penny Pagano, The Washington Post, May 5.
1993 "Architectural Ceramics", Bill Kaczor, Associated Press, December.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience

2002, April A 5-day workshop at Clay Space Studio, Suquamish, WA; A 1-day workshop/symposium at Canadian Clay Symposium, Burnaby BC, Canada; A 3-day workshop at Of the Earth Fine Arts, Richmond, BC, Canada
2002, March A 6 day intensive workshop at StoneHaus, Pensacola, FL

2001, Oct. A 2 day intensive workshop at Creative Clay Studios, Washington, DC; 2001, March & April A 5-day intensive workshop in Architectural Ceramics; StoneHaus, Pensacola, FL

2000, May A 2-day workshop in Architectural Ceramics at Gulf Coast Museum of Arts.

1999, August A 2-day workshop at Arketura in Yelm, Washington; A 5-day workshop at Nottingham Center, San Marcos,CA.
1999, February Taught a 2-day workshop at the University of North Texas, Dallas in Denton, TX.
1999, March Taught a 2-day workshop at La Costa Canyon High School, Encinitas, CA.

1998, May Taught a 2-day seminar for the British Columbia Potters Guild in Vancouver, British Columbia.
1998, May Taught two 2-day workshops at Monarch Art Center in Olympia, WA.

1997, August Technical assistance with the execution and installation of ceramic mural located at the School of Information, University of Costa Rica.
1997, April Taught a one-day workshop at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA
1997, February Conducted a two-day seminar at the Mississippi State University School of Architecture.

1996, October Taught a two-day seminar for the Arizona Clay Council in Phoenix, AZ.
1995, April StoneHaus, Pensacola, Florida. This five-day workshop included completion of an 8' x 8' fireplace facade and a 5' x 7' entryway.

1994, Oct. to Present StoneHaus School for Architectural Ceramics, founded 1994. To date, twenty one-week workshops have been conducted at the StoneHaus facilities in Pensacola, Florida.
1994, May The Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. - Conducted a five-day workshop on Studio Architectural Ceramics.
1994, March The Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. - Conducted a five-day workshop on Studio Architectural Ceramics.
1994, February Pewabic Pottery and Art School in Detroit, Michigan - Conducted a two-day workshop on Studio Architectural Ceramics.

1993, February University of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica conducted a two-week workshop on Studio Architectural Ceramics. Constructed a 7' x 9' high relief mural with a 21' frieze panel for the main entrance to the School of Fine Arts.
1993, October Newcomb College, Tulane University - Conducted a one-day workshop on Studio Architectural Ceramics.
1993, April Presented a paper at the American Ceramics Society Annual Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Topic: The Artist/ Craftsman's Role in the Coming Resurgence in Architectural Ornamentation.



2002, Jan. Peter King: "Two Great Ceramic Artists" Amelia G. Tapper Center for the Art -Gallery, Panama City, FL
2001 - 2002, Oct. - Jan. Peter King: "Architectural Passages", Art Museum of The Americas, Washington, DC
2000 - 2001, Aug. - May Peter King: "Architectural Passages" Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL
2000, May -Aug Peter King : "Architectural Passages".Gulf Coast Museum of the Arts, Largo,FL

1999, Feb. "Contemporary Ceramics and Textiles" at the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Coral Springs, Florida. Exhibited a 12' x 7' doorframe and two 6' x 5' fireplaces.
1998, Oct. "Living With Tile: The Art of Installation" at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne,PA. Exhibited a 12'x 7' and a 9'x 6' doorframe and 5'x 6' Fireplace.Presented a slide lecture at the opening of exhibition.
1993, March - May "Explorations In Ornamentalism" at the Franklin Square Exhibition Space in Washington, D.C. - Exhibited ten full-scale architectural pieces including: a 91/2' lamppost, four archways, a fireplace, a fountain, two window frames and a 7' x 4' high-relief architectural section.
1993, Jan. Exhibited five architectural ceramic pieces at Florida A & M School of Architecture including two 10' high archways and an 8' fountain.
1991 Exhibited "Industrial Disease", a 12' high ceramic arch at "Anticipation 92", an international juried competition held in Conjunction with the Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition.
1990 -1991 Exhibited "Gotham" a 10' 6" high ceramic arch in seven Florida Museums in conjunction with the Florida Craftsman 40th Anniversary Touring Competition. 1990 Participated in a two man show with Larry Manning entitled "Expressions in Clay" at Gulf Coast Community College Gallery, Panama City, Florida.

Public and Corporate Commissions

Public and Corporate Commissions

1999 - Nottingham Center - San Marcos,California, High Relief Archway with an Industrial Dining Theme; La Costa Canyon High School, Encinitas, CA-Entrance for Media Center.
1996 - Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, New Orleans, LA - A 9' x 5' free-standing entryway depicting a Mardi Gras theme for the restaurant.
1996 - Pensacola Cultural Center, Pensacola, Florida - Two 5 1/2' high relief ornamental brackets.
1995 - Annmarie Garden, Solomons, Maryland - Two 15' x 13' free-standing glazed entry gateposts depicting an organic rock garden.
1995 - University of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica - A 7' x 9' high relief mural with a 21' frieze panel depicting the history of Costa Rica art and architecture.
1994 - Jubilee Restaurant, Gulf Breeze, Florida - Series of ceramic panels. WUWF Public Radio in conjunction with the State of Florida Percent for Art Program - "Radio Torii" an 11' high glazed stoneware free-standing arch.
1993 - The Farrell Collection Gallery in Washington D.C. - A 17' panel on the building fašade, an 11' 6" free standing arch, and a 9' 6" ceramic column placed outdoors in front of the gallery; Pensacola Junior College Main Campus - "Industrial Disease a 10' archway.
1991 - First American Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida - Spanish Style stoneware fašade including an 8' diameter "Rose" window.
1989 - Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA - "African Gateway" - an 8' high stoneware arch.
1988 - Penland School of Crafts, Penland, North Carolina - "Cliff Dwelling", a 5' x 15' wall panel; Hemmer and Yates Advertising, Pensacola, Florida, A ceramic wall graphic over 70' long; Pensacola Civic Center - Two 5' x 40' ceramic murals; Pensacola Hilton - Two 8' x 12' terra cotta door frames.
1981 - 1982 - Chan's Smoke House restaurant - An 8' x 8' freestanding courtyard fountain, three 4' x 8' wall murals, sinks and tiles.
1980 - WUWF Public Radio - Two 8' columns and an 8' high relief wall panel.

Residential and Private Commissions

Residential and Private Commissions

2000, Jan. - Mar. Created an outside kitchen and bar including a 14' long high relief glazed bar facing- Orange Beach,AL "Nautilus II" A 12'x 7' Fireplace mantle and overmantle. Ono Island,AL

1996 - 1999 Produced various commissioned fireplaces and entryways for numerous clients including: a 14' x 8' wall mural, a 4' x 20' high relief bar facing, and the walls, countertop, and shampoo sink for a private beauty salon.

1995 "Jujol" 8' x 8'8" x 3' fireplace - Pensacola Beach, Florida. "Pueblo" 6'6" x 6'6" x 3' fireplace and 15' mural - Gulf Breeze, Florida. "3 Cultures 2 Seasons" 9'x 6'6" Mural San Jose, Costa Rica. "Nautilus" 9' x 6' fireplace - Ono Island, Alabama.

1994 "Mesa" 13' x 6' fireplace - Gulf Breeze, Florida. "DeLuna" 5' x 7' fireplace - Pensacola, Florida. "Aquarium" 9'6" x 8' x 4' fireplace - Gulf Breeze, Florida. "Arts & Crafts" 6' x 7' x 3' fireplace - Pensacola, Florida. "Shell" 8' x 6' fireplace - Pensacola Beach, Florida. "Vine" 9'6" x 5' fireplace - Milton, Florida. "Tudor" 10' x 8' archway - Pensacola, Florida.

1993 "Tropical" 12' fireplace - Tarpon Springs, Florida. "Renaissance Shell" 8' x 6'6" fireplace - Sunset Beach, Florida. "Neoclassical" 6' x 8'6" fireplace and matching column capitals - Pensacola Beach, Florida. "Medieval" 11'6" fireplace - Aspen, Colorado "Post Modern" 16' fireplace - Miami, Florida. "Mayan Relic" 5'6" x 6' fireplace - Pensacola Beach, Florida. "Palm Deco" 10' fireplace - Garcon Point, Florida. "Canelletto" 6' x 6' fireplace - Hollywood, Florida.

1992 "Egret" 8' x 8' x 6' fountain and an 8'6" x 5' "Music" mural - Pensacola, FL. "Fantasy" 10' x 8' archway - Orange Beach, Alabama. "Palm" 10' x 5' entry - Gulf Breeze, Florida. "Caribe" 5'6" x 8' fireplace - Pensacola Beach, Florida. "Mizner" 5'10" x 6' fireplace - Ft.Walton, Florida.

1991 "Modern" 8' x 6' fireplace - Pensacola, Florida. "Deco Palm" 6'2" x 6'4" fireplace - Pensacola, Florida.
1990 A 12' terra cotta doorframe, 7' quatrefoil window, 8' high relief shell fireplace, 8' flamingo fountain, 8' wall fountain, and other pieces - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
1989 Five fireplace fašades, four 9' columns, 120' of handmade frieze panel, eight bathroom sinks - Gulf Breeze, Florida.
1986 - 1988 Produced numerous residential commissions.
1985 A 5' x 5' x 9' freeform tub and walls - Pensacola, Florida. A 7' x 11' formal fireplace and handmade tile tub surround Pensacola, Florida.
1981 Several fireplace fašades including a 6'6" x 6' "Deco Shell" fašade Perdido Key, Florida.
1981 "Blue Heron" 8' x 6' fireplace - Pensacola, Florida. "Tree" 6' x 5'6" fireplace - Pensacola, Florida. A 6' x 10' fireplace, four handmade sinks and tile countertops, and a 3' diameter dragon floor medallion - Pensacola, Florida. A 4' x 8' ceramic mural, sinks and tiles in all baths, and 7' sculptural garden "ruins" - Sarasota, Florida.

1976 - 1978 Produced numerous handmade sinks, custom countertops and floor tiles for various clients.
1974 Produced custom interior woodwork, handmade tile and sinks, and managed construction coordination for the Great American Land Company.
1972 - 1974 Created handmade pottery for retail sale

Work Styles

Work Styles