Discover new work by Thomas Bohle: 7 Feb to 2 March 2019

Post date: Feb 12, 2019 - Author: Stephen
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Austrian potter Thomas Bohle’s first-ever solo exhibition in the UK. Bohle is known and loved as a ceramist throughout Europe and abroad, and his extravagant, large-scale works appear in exhibitions, museums and private collections. The potter’s reputation is well-deserved: His wheel-thrown vessels are technical masterpieces, often featuring continuous double walls that enclose hollow areas within the pot.

Working from his Dornbirn studio, Bohle achieves this distinctive feature — essentially a pot within a pot — using a single mass of clay. “I throw them upside down,” says the ceramist, who left a career in medicine to pursue clay in the early ’90s. “I first make the inside part, and then over that I throw the outside part.” Bohle might devote an entire day to forming one of these single large pieces, some of which span 60 to 70 centimetres in diameter.

He finishes the works with bold, earthy glazes, spraying them on thickly so they drip off the edges and create surfaces full of depth. The results are always surprising, even to the maker himself. “It’s always horrible to open the kiln, because the pieces often come out completely different than I think.”
Don’t miss this rare chance to see the Austrian maker’s highly collectible — and indeed surprising — ceramics available in the UK.



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