Galleri Format, Oslo: Kjell Rylander and Beth Wyller: 12 March – 3 May 2020

Post date: Mar 5, 2020 - Author: Stephen
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Exhibition at Galleri Format in Oslo. There is an opening on Thursday 12 March at 6 pm. with a speech by Art Historian Jorunn Veiteberg.

Kjell Rylander
not part of the collection
A ceramic object can be many things. For Kjell Rylander the field of clay is a dialogue partner. A language tool. Rylander’s intentions and thoughts on the exhibition are about trying to reach relevant artistic expression with the clay for our time. He is interested in the material properties and expressions of the clay and the reflective process. Such as. In what way can he understand the clay or a work in clay? To interpret or read, to create value, but value for whom? And on whose terms? Rylander thinks that the clay itself has a fantastic value, because of its age. Is the clay spirited and gifted with powers? Sometimes I wonder what the clay thinks of me? he says. To help his thoughts in this process, he puts together materials with methods that he thinks can help thoughts to move, towards something.

Kjell Rylander (b.1964) lives and works in Stockholm and Oslo. He is currently Associate Professor of Ceramic Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway. Rylander holds an BA and MFA in Ceramics from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden, in addition to education at preparing art schools. From 2009 to 2012 Rylander was a research fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program. Connected with Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Dept of Specialized Art, he was also a member of the interdisciplinary research project Creating Art Value, funded by the Research Council of Norway. Rylander´s works have been exhibited internationally and acquired by, among others, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway, The National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden, KODE, Art Museums of Bergen, Norway, The Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden, Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum i Trondheim, Public Art Agency Sweden and The Ceramic Art Museum in Fuping China.

Beth Wyller
Beth Wyller works with expressions and stories deeply rooted in ceramic traditions. Her artistic language includes common associations from the history of ceramics intrinsic in the earthenware material. Clay is often used as a material for building elements. Elements open up for repetitions. A tile is also a canvas, which can become a painting. A tile can both be a painting, an element and simply a tile. The tile evokes a number of questions – about what is what.

The works for this exhibition are in a rectangular format.  A rectangle is divided into two equal parts – first once and then once again. By this, three different sizes emerge which can be exposed both horizontally and vertically, and they can be combined into new sizes.They are imprinted while the clay is still soft, through repeated firings glazes are used as tools for building up a motive in layers. Through small adjustments the expression is affected. How little is required to obtain an illusion? How little is required to steer associations?

Beth Wyller was born in Oslo in 1947. She resides in Oslo and works at Frysja Kunstnersenter.  She was educated at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo 1971-75 and at the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo 1976-80. Since her debut at Kunstnerforbundet in 1983 she has been exhibiting regularly both nationally and internationally, among others at The Museum of applied Art in Trondheim and Bomuldsfabriken in Arendal and galleries in Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Mûnchen, Paris, and New York. She has also carried out several public commissions. Beth Wyller´s work is acquired by a number of public collections like The Norwegian council of Culture, the Museums of applied art in Norway and the Foundation for the Collection of Norwegian Contemporary Arts and Crafts. She received the Norwegian Arts and Crafts Award in 1996 and Special Prize at the Ceramic Biennale in Korea in 2003 and 2005.

1 APRIL – 6 PM

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