HEAT, West Yorkshire April 11 to May 31 2019

Post date: Mar 15, 2019 - Author: Stephen
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HEATis an exhibition reflecting the various firing techniques ceramicists use to transform raw clay into finished ceramic work.  The ceramicists in the exhibition celebrate the many ways HEAT is used to bring their individual ideas to fruition.  Their methods include Raku, Wood, Electric, Gas firings and other techniques to achieve the finished work.

Work by a number of Northern Potters Association members is showcased at Water Street Gallery , approaching its 10thanniversary, in the Yorkshire Pennines town of Todmorden, well-known for its edible gardens in public spaces.

Among the exhibitors, Drew Caines’ ‘archaic pop creatures’ sit alongside Gabi Koma –Dixon’s thrown and glazed earthenware pots whilst Deiniol Williams’ wood fired stoneware pieces keep company with Brian Holland’s sculptural work. Dianne Cross’ hand built work evokes the feeling of the shoreline , John Cook’s reflect the use of multi-fire majolica techniques  and Claire Allam makes porcelain pots..

Exhibiting in HEATare : 

Claire Allam, Juliet Blackman, Nicola Briggs, Drew Cairnes, John Cook, Dianne Cross, Jill Ford, Dick Graves, Laura Hancock, Matthew Helbert, David Helm, Brian Holland, Anne Haworth, Sue Hudson, Jan Huntley-Peace, Francesca King, Gabi Komar-Dixon, Judy Taylor, Gary Thomas, Sue Turner, Kathryn Watson, Deiniol Williams, Vicky Yates, Muddy Fingers.

Water Street Gallery, 25 Water Street, Todmorden, Ol14 5AB.


Tel. 01706 839714

Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.30

Sunday 11 to 3

Closed Tuesdays