Kigbeare in Devon: Pottery Workshops 2019:

Post date: Jul 30, 2019 - Author: Stephen
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Kigbeare offer a range of courses throughout the year. Below are 2019 courses, but if booked up, there will be more, so its worth talking to Kigbeare and finding out what else is planned.


Porcelain throwing weekend run by Pete Montgomery

Date:  Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August 2019

Time:  9.30 – 5.30 pm each day
Cost:  £200 per person
Limited to 8 people only – email to reserve your place:

Bring your own lunch.  Refreshments provided throughout each day.
This is a practice workshop, to enable makers to become familiar with throwing porcelain, so it is not intended that any work will be kept or fired, and all pots will be recycled.

Pete will demonstrate throughout each day, the various techniques you need to use porcelain successfully. This is not a workshop for beginners.  You will need to be able to throw a bowl and a cylinder with a degree of competance to get the most from the workshop

Matthew Blakely Glaze Workshop – 3 day 20 to 22nd September 2019 


NEXT WORKSHOP:  Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd 2019 (register now for a place – they are going fast!)
Matthew Blakely is a distinguished and internationally known potter. Best known, perhaps, for his knowledge of how glazes are made and fired. He makes ceramic pieces that are entirely created from rocks and minerals that he collects from all over the UK.

The three-day workshop will be roughly along these lines:

  • Day 1: Students bring your own clay and rock samples.
    Prepare clay tests – crushing, sieve, plasticity, shrinkage bars etc. All to be dried out for firing in electric test kiln to 1100c next day.
    Rock tests – preparation, melt tests and simple line blends. Then class line blends and demonstration of quadraxial blending. All samples ready for firing in gas kiln next day.
  • Day 2: Glaze technology lecture. Then fossicking and collection of local material, in field analysis of suitability.
  • Day 3: Geology basics. Rock types and practical and legal considerations about collecting. Open Kilns and analysis of results. Use result to illustrate glaze theory with found materials. Future directions and preparing tests of found materials for people to take away with them and fire in their own kilns.

Whilst there is a considerable theory element in Matthew’s glaze classes, he tries to keep it simple and logical and interspersed with practical making to break it up and demonstrate the theory.
Be prepared to head out onto Dartmoor and collect materials for future testing under his expert guidance.

Dates: 20th to 22nd September 2019
Time: 9.30 to 5.00
Cost: £475 per person to include refreshments and lunch daily

to reserve your place:

There are also weekday and Saturday courses/classes from time to time for all levels – so do check up. Have a look at their website