Members Work For Sale – recent additions

Post date: Feb 23, 2015 - Author: Stephen
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Here are some examples of recently added work by Selected Makers which can be seen on our ‘For Sale’ section and then purchased directly from the maker. This work is only by Makers Selected by us, shows a wide variety of styles and price, and all of which has been produced by highly experienced potters/ceramic artists

It is of great advantage to be able to communicate directly with the maker, get more information about the piece, and then buy directly from them. The makers we have highlighted are John Calver (first five images 1-5), Linda Southwell (6-7), Keith Kent (8), Mary Kershaw (9-10), Clare Crouchman (11)and David Wright (12).

Have a look at these or the many other members offering work for you to consider.

John_Calver_Basket-28cms-dia-(1)a John_Calver_Bowl-22cms-dia-x-11cms-tall-(1)a John_Calver_Plate-27cms-dia_a Calver_Platter,-35cms-dia-x-4cms-deep_a John_Calver_Pair-of-round-goblets-19cms-tall-(1)aLinda_Southwell_blackflowerform_a Linda_Southwell_artichoke_aKeith_Kent_IMG_3604aKERSHAW_5694a KERSHAW_5330aClare_Crouchman_1403aDavid_Wright_2_P1000633a