Objects of Desire Exhibition 4th to 27th May 2019

Post date: Apr 23, 2019 - Author: Stephen
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Kellie Miller says “I invite you to a special exhibition, featuring the work of six UK and international ceramicists who explore the limits and possibilities of working with porcelain, a medium that I deem to be the jewel material of clay. I hope this show will give you a deeper understand of the ceramicists’ work and the unique qualities of porcelain, as it is strong yet delicate and translucent, fine, and white enough for colours to fully shine.”

Where: Kellie Miller Arts, 20 Market Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1HH, United Kingdom…. Tel: 01273 329384

When: 4-27 May 2019; Open 11am to 6pm Daily

Work by:

Sally Garrett : Fran

Sally Garrett : Fran – Sally Garrett is interested in the relationship between dancer and artist. Porcelain paper clay is the chosen material to recreate the dancer’s shoe.

Karen Downing : Stacks

Karen Downing : Stacks – At the heart of Karen Downing’s hand thrown porcelain is the coastal landscape of her childhood home

Carys Davies : Birch

Carys Davies : Birch – Carys throws porcelain pots on the wheel. The clay has a personality of its own, sometimes cooperative, sometimes not, and will go its own way as it fires too.

Su Jameson : Sticks and Stones

Su Jameson : Sticks and Stones – Su Jameson’s hand built ceramic sculptures strive to create exchanges, both physical and emotional.

Maria ten Kortenaar : Northern Lights – For Maria ten Kortenaar, porcelain is a medium that allows her to express what she perceives, feels and experiences in everyday life.